3 Glasses Looks On Trend For Guys

Thick, broad-rimmed glasses are ruling the styledom in Hollywood these days. But they were not always a favourite of the fashion fraternity. There used be a time when these glasses were representatives of the boring, the bookworms, or the social misfits.

Times have changed. Stylish frames are the latest trend in men’s fashion and guys in glasses are making girls go weak in their knees. But here’s the truth: not all glass-y looks can make the cut. Here are 3 trends that’ll give you the geek-god look!

Transparent frames

Transparent or clear frames, either on half or full frames, are a hot trend right now – you’ll soon notice Gary Oldman is a big fan. The best thing about this type of frames is that it lets highlights your facial expressions come alive without overpowering them. Yet, it creates a unique style statement.

To indulge in this style, you can pick either these full transparent frames from Savannah 8121, or these Hallmark A6838 frames that are transparent half-way from the bottom.

Savannah 8121 Clear Prescription Glasses at SelectSpecs

Hallmark Bamboo and Clear Prescription Glasses at SelectSpecs

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Quirky style

Safe is passé, quirky is in! Tinie Tempah is the man who knows; if you’re someone who likes to be dangerously dapper, then this trend is just for you. This trend borders on something unusual and different that sets you apart from the crowd.

Pick your quirky style with either these G-Star Raw Double Tamson round frames, or be daring with colour and go for a cherry red Cacharel CA3015 pair.

G-Star RAW GS2112

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Cacharel CA3015

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Sunglass-style frames

Sunglass styles are super trendy when worn as prescription glasses and Jared Leto knows the score. While it kills the boredom of the conventional glasses, it adds an extra dose of glamour to the look.

Many classic Ray-Ban sunglass styles like these RX5184 New Wayfarer frames can come as prescription glasses, or the retro Tom Ford FT5346.

Ray Ban RX5184

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Tom Ford FT5346

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Unlock your way from geeky to gorgeous with these three specs trends – let us know your favourite!

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