Governors Music Ball: Festive Designer Shades

Did you hit up the recent Governors Ball Music Festival that took place in NYC last weekend? If not, then you’ve missed some outstanding performers such as Drake, Lana Del Rey, Kiesza, Rudimental, and many others.

But what’s more, you’ve also missed a great opportunity to see some amazingly on trend outfit ideas featuring a pair of prominent shades.

Festivals are the best occasion to express your individuality and creative potential, with all the nonchalance and freedom in the air, not to mention the regular sunshine, a good pair of sunglasses is an absolute must for these events.

The stars of the Governors Ball, just like the elated audience, didn’t miss the chance to show off their favourite picks – Noel Gallagher demonstrates how to fight the years with a youthful spirit.

Noel has always been a rocker with taste and insight into contemporary fashion. If you’re looking for something similar to rock this summer, the Ray-Ban’s RB2176 Clubmaster is a good place to start and are also available in a polarised version.


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Noah Sierota of Echosmith also knows what’s up with a Clubmaster design, but gives it a individual twist.

Despite his quirky hits Weird Al Yankovic performed in anything but weird shades.

Usually one to inject the comedy into the cool, maybe Al isn’t joking about his eyewear on this occasion. The Oakley’s Two-Faced polarised OO9189 model comes in several colour varieties and being polarised, is very festival friendly.

Oakley TwoFace Polarized Sunglasses

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Royal Blood on the other hand are flying the flag for a traditional aviator type design.

Whereas Rudimental sported a current trend of clear/transparent glasses and no doubt got the crowd fired up (see other men’s trends here.)

Luckily, you don’t have to spend a small fortune on sunglasses that are both on trend and UV protective.  Our Savannah 8121‘s are a good example of that:

Savanah 8121 Clear Transparent Sunglasses on Budget at SelectSpecs

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But fashion isn’t only for the stars, the general public are open to the new and improved changes in fashion, whether that’ll be a completely new look or revival of a yesteryear style.  Here’s some of the best snaps from the crowd:

Cat-eye is a universally accepted as a much sought-after style, much like many Ray Ban creations we’ve already mentioned.  But, have you ever wondered what a Ray-Ban Cat-eye frame would look like?  Look no further:

Ray-Ban’s RB4126 Cats 1000 style adds a modern edge to the classic cat-eye.

Ray-Ban Cats 1000 Sunglasses

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All different tastes are allowed to mingle and merge at festivals, but don’t forget sunglasses are that compulsory piece of “equipment”. Even this guy couldn’t do without them:

In the meanwhile, follow us on social networks. We’d like to see your fashion creations for the festival season this year!

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