Frida Kahlo Wore Cat-Eye Sunglasses!

The celebrated Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo is known for her self-portraits as much as for her dress sense that was considered way ahead of her times.

A bona fide fashion icon and an inspiration for designers like Jean Paul Gaultier, Marc Jacobs, Rei Kawakubo and Dolce & Gabbana, Kahlo has always stood out in her choice of clothes best described as “delicate yet bold.”


And now, we know she wore sunglasses. An exhibition after almost 50 years of her death threw open the doors of her wardrobe for the world to see, and surprisingly, the collection included a pair of sunglasses.

This is bit of a surprise because none of the artist’s portraits or her existing photographs show her as wearing these shades, yet the pair – a contemporary and chic cat-eye frame – is very much symbolic of Kahlo’s fashion-forwardness.

Also, the ultra-feminine design of the shades seems to reflect the feminist that she was.

Love Kahlo’s sunglasses?  So do we and that’s why from our vast collection of cat-eye sunglasses we’ve picked a few pairs that closely resemble Kahlo’s cat-eye sunglasses. Take a look.

Tom Ford FT0349 GRACE


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Starting from the high-end first, Tom Ford has no end of ultra-feminine shades to amp up your wardrobe to the elaborate max. Chosen due to their likeness in colour and shape in comparision to Frida’s shades, if they’re too bold they’re also available in light brown or shiny blue.  (See them here.)

Moschino MO679

Moschino-MO679-Cat-Eye-Sunglasses-at-SelectSpecsBuy Now »

Moschino are another big fashion contender in designing items with a big and bold philosophy, however they’ve kept things casual with this cool cat-eye frame.  Needless to say other more out-there colour and frames are available though.  (See them here.)

Opposit TM505S


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We’ve got plenty of cat-eye sunglasses in our budget section (including a few small fit/kid sizes), but on this occasion we just had to choose this pair from Opposit for their brilliant green colour.  We think Frida would approve, also available in other colours.  (See them here.)

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