5 Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses


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“Your words can’t hurt me these shades are Gucci”
Anonymous Poet

There are many studies and experiments regarding the wearing of sunglasses and masks. If you go a little further, you’ll realise that the sunglasses are in fact a kind of mask themselves. There’s no wonder why some of the most famous music and movie stars throughout the history resorted exactly to this type of “undercover”, but we’ll talk about it a little bit later.

Sunglasses have outgrown their original purpose which is basically a protective one.  Although that’s still important here’s a list of other smart things you can do with your sunglasses.  Check it out:

    1. Become anonymous – Ok, we’re coming back to above mentioned “protective” term but with a completely opposite meaning. Both celebs and regular people often have a need to hide from curious looks and stay anonymous. In the world where everything is online, we often feel like our privacy, identity and personal space are invaded. There’s a cure though. We can successfully camouflage with a pair of sunnies in no time!

      Cat Eye Sunglasses Dita Von Teese Olivia Palermo Kelly Osbourne
    2. Surround yourself with mystery – While on stage, the members of the famous American band KISS managed to hide their faces with different masks creating the sense of mystery, which helped them build a unique brand amongst the numerous rock’n’roll bands. When they weren’t performing, they used to hide their faces with scarves and dark sunglasses. I guess this helped them get the ladies’ attention too. Apparently, little black dress and a mysterious man never go out of fashion!

      Kiss now
    3. Become awesome – Let’s face it; we all look pretty damn cool with a pair of well-chosen shades. This way we’re imitating our favorite celebrities, our self-confidence significantly grows and we’re basically becoming one of those “cool kids”. My personal favorite is Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer style , because I can combine it both with my casual and elegant outfits. This way I’m adding that necessary dose of “awesomeness” to my personal style. I’m always getting positive critiques and a bunch of compliments; to conclude-it works!Ray-Ban New WayfarerBuy Now »
    4. Remediate the consequences – Ok, it’s 9 a.m. on Sunday morning, you slept for few hours because you had your deserved night out, but now it’s time to go back to reality and do your grocery shopping for the week to come. And you don’t want anyone to notice those eye bags, trophies of your successful evening, do you? You’re already guessing a solution, right? Just get a pair of cool dark shades and nobody will even notice that you didn’t have your usual beauty sleep. Touché!Lenny Kravitz wearing Aviator Sunglasses and a carpet off-cut for a scarf
    5.  Match them with the uniform – Would Tom Cruise look as half as hot in the famous classic Top gun without those sexy Ray-Ban aviators ? I don’t think so! Sunglasses are simply required part of any uniform of this kind. Ladies love it. Guys love it. Period.

Tom Cruise Ray Ban Sunglasses in Top Gun Movie

If you think that maybe I left out something important, feel free to comment in the section below!

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