4 Hot Shay Mitchell Sunglasses Looks!

shay mitchell sunglasses

We recently shared our favourite style steals from the one and only Kylie Jenner *we bow down*. But if you thought Ms. Jenner was a sunglasses addict, let us introduce to you an even bigger junkie…..the girl of the moment, Shay Mitchell.

The Pretty Little Liars actress has been in the limelight since 2009 but she recently became a huge internet sensation and it’s all thanks to her Instagram. If you haven’t checked out her feed yet, we’ll give you exactly five reasons why you need to: 1) She’s awesome. 2) She owns more sunglasses than Kanye West. 3) She’s always having fun and her pics are never boring. 4) She is rarely seen without a new pair of shades. 5) Did we mention she’s awesome?

But let us focus on point number 2 and point number 4 here. Because the fabulous Shay Mitchell is on our radar for a reason (yes, other than her perfect tan and beach-toned bod) and that reason is her extreme fondness for sunglasses. We’re not entirely sure when this addiction spiralled out of control but we do know where and how you can steal her style.

So let’s all take a moment here to appreciate the drop dead gorgeous Shay Mitchell and as if you needed any more reasons to love her, here are 4 of the reasons why she’s a hot topic here at SelectSpecs.com.

1) She Respects the Ray-Bans

A photo posted by Shay Mitchell (@shaym) on


We know a sunglasses addict when we see one because a serious junkie always shows respect for the Godfather of shades; the timeless Ray-Bans. Here, Shay is donning an absolute classic whilst kicking back and goofing around with one of her photographer pals, James Macari.

Teamed with well-groomed brows, silky soft hair and an ultra hip set of sterling silver earrings for her multi-piercings, Shay has transformed a simple classic into something a bit more edgy to suit her carefree style. This look is ‘so Shay‘ and you can steal it with the exact same Ray-Ban RB2176 Clubmaster folding sunglasses.

2) She’s a Tomcat (Miu Miu Style Glasses)

A photo posted by Shay Mitchell (@shaym) on

Shay’s playful nature and constant goofing around with her best pals makes us love her even more. She’s a total tomcat and that’s why these cool tortoise-shell, feline shaped specs suit her so much. Boring just won’t do for this kitten and if you feel the same then get your claws on our fabulous Miu Miu MU 06OS Sunglasses.

3) She’s Golden (Gold Framed Aviators) 


If this pic of Shay Mitchell cuddling a baby leopard isn’t enough to inspire your next safari trip then maybe you just don’t have an adventurous bone in your body. Here she shows us her daredevil side with a simple pair of gold framed glasses.

Adventures like these call for aviators and we couldn’t agree more. Get the look with our Ray-Ban RB3044 Aviator Small Metal sunglasses.

4) She’s the Queen of Ray-Bans

A photo posted by Shay Mitchell (@shaym) on

How many sunglasses can one girl own, eh? We’ve had the verdict from the fabulous Shay Mitchell; a girl can never have too many. And it’s no secret that this girl loves a good pair of Ray-Bans.

They’re trusty, they’re stylish, they’re ideal for every occasion, and they are designed to protect your eyes from the sun in the harshest conditions. But Ray-Bans aren’t just for the outdoors; Shay shows us her more ‘homey’ side as she snuggles with her dog, Angel.

If you want to get the geek chic look with prescription glasses, check out our Ray-Ban RX6049 Aviator specs, available in gold or gunmetal grey.

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