4 Simple Tips To Enjoy Every Day

When I was a kid, my Dad used to tell me that I would always wake up with a smile. He said I’d jump out of bed full of energy and enthusiasm to start my day.

He would usually put Elvis on a vintage vinyl record player, prepare breakfast and I would be the first one sat on the table ready before my two lazy brothers.

The one habit I would do every morning was to read the papers and check the weather so I could dress accordingly.

If it was cloudy and maybe with a tiny chance of rain, I would be over the moon as we hardly got any rain in Egypt.

This morning I thought to myself, why did I stop waking up with a smile?

So I put some Elvis on, Heart Break Hotel, to be exact.

Everyday I try and wake up around 5 am to catch the worm. When I do so, I have loads of time for myself before I go to work.

I can write, workout, work on my side business, read a book or enjoy my cup of coffee a bit longer.

Now it’s 5:17am, just had my Nutella bagel to boost my serotonin levels.

Since then I started living every moment of my day and making the most out of it. I don’t think much about the future or past.

I just try and enjoy and make the most of now. It’s not an easy skill to be cheerful and enthusiastic at all times.

It needs practice, patience and a sense of determination.

The past is gone; The future doesn’t exist; Today is a blessing – James Altucher

Some people define success by obtaining lots of money or landing their dream job or meeting a beautiful partner.

I define success as being happy, cheerful and thankful for what I have and then spreading all these traits around me.

You must surround yourself with the positive, the cheerful, the friendly and the happy. It’s so true that those people are really contagious and the amount of energy they provide is just overwhelmingly beautiful.

Anytime I come home, my dad would be smiling even at the worst of times. When Egypt was falling apart with strikes and military coup, he would simply be smiling.

I would be so curious and ask him, “How do you always maintain that Harrison Ford / Clint Eastwood smile on your face?”

He would say “health and abundance son.”

If you want to really enjoy your day; follow the steps below:

1. Put Music on in The Morning

Wake up, Put Elvis on, have breakfast, look out the window, smile to the world and don’t think, just enjoy the music and keep your head and chin up, dance your way to work or to the supermarket.

I watch this video almost daily before I go to work; It boosts my energy levels and my productivity just soars.

2. Talk To People; They Will Make Your Day

Yesterday in the pool, I met with Fred, a man who sounds like Johnny Cash in the shower.

He went “Sherif, you’re Egyptian right?”

“Yes” I replied.

“Any Egyptians around here?” He asked.

I said “I don’t think so, I haven’t seen any in Bournemouth.”

He said “Well if you find any friendly and nice ones like you please bring them along.”

His words made my day. I never thought someone would think I am nice and friendly apart from myself.

3. Take a Shower During Your Lunch Break

To avoid the 2:30 pm feeling, take a shower (Try & turn the tap lever to cold for the last 30 seconds if you can), go for a walk outside without any distractions, or simply unwind and relax by a bench.

Phone someone who cares about you, read a book or watch a funny show on Youtube (American preferably), Emmerdale is a massive No.

4. Look at Old People More Often; Preferably discretely

Anytime I watch an old person sit down on their own, they’re full of life; gazing at the horizon or the sky and one could feel they are surrounded by positive happy energy.

Why? It’s a peace of mind I believe. They don’t think, they just enjoy. It’s like they have figured it all out and I guess they did.

Make it a habit to enjoy your day today and every day; practice doing the 4 steps above and add more when you can; in no time; enjoying your day will become implanted in your consciousness that you will be doing it with zero effort.

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