Top 6 Subscription Boxes

A not so new; but quickly becoming the It thing, trend, is the subscription box. Whether your choice of subscription be beauty, lifestyle, or even food.

There’s something for everyone.

It’s like gifting yourself on a monthly basis, instead of scouring the internet or the high street for hours on end for your dose of material bliss.

Below is a list of the most interesting, subscribe worthy options.

Rocca Box

A different beauty blogger chooses their five favorite products to go in the box each month.

They range from skin care, hair care, makeup and general well being products. T

he thing that sets them apart is a different collaborator every month, so you’ll sample all different tastes in the beauty world.

Plus most products are full size which is a bonus, and at ten pounds (not including shipping), it’s a bargain.

Get in touch with your inner blogger in these pretty pink sunnies:

Pink Parcel

The ones you will begin to reach for everyday, promise. #pinkparcel

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Here’s a novel idea, gift yourself a pink parcel around that time of the month every month.

Featuring goodies like chocolate, tea and beauty as well as sanitary products. A pamper package if you will, just when you need it.

There are a total of eight items in this month’s parcel, and it will only set you back £ 10.50 with postage.

Also for that time of the month, some “I’m not in an interactive mood” sunglasses, to help you through it.

Yogi & Bare

Zen in a box. From Yoga fitness products and clothing, to healthy snacks, jewelry and skin care.

For seventeen pounds a box, it is a little more on the expensive side of the subscriptions, but for the variety of products its definitely worth it.

And while you’re at it, your inner flower child needs a pair of these daisy donned beauties:

My Little Box

My little box started out in Paris, the city of love, but also; style, so expect oodles from this themed box.

The added twist here is the wild card item, this month it is a tote bag, but it could be coasters, or a jewelry tray, or a unicorn (here’s hoping).

For the most part, however, it is a beauty box, containing 5 products on average, for £15, not as reasonable as some others, but definitely worth the splurge.

As are these Miu Miu’s, to channel your inner Parisian:

Little Known Box

Who doesn’t enjoy discovering new and noteworthy products?

Focusing on niche and luxury items, the £15 price tag is a steal, namely nail, skin and makeup goodies. Where do we sign up?

We’ve discovered these cool as a cucumber, Tom Ford sunnies for you too:

Glossy Box

Glossy Box is a classic in the beauty box subscription world, but continues to be top notch, with 5 products a month for ten pounds, and savings the longer you subscribe for, it is a definite no brainer.

As are these Diesel sunnies, right on trend, go on, gift yourself:

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Want some tips on how to use all these fun new beauty products, while wearing your specs or sunnies? Check out these life hacks.

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