4 Versatile Frames for Men and Women


Picking a frame of glasses isn’t always an easy decision.  There’s hundreds of frames in different sizes that can leave you stranded in the opticians for hours trying to decide.

As an online optician we not only want to provide you with more choice of design, but also choice in price too.  So, we’ve compiled a list of 4 frames that suit both men and women, at a friendly price to boot.

Savannah P2249 Prescription Glasses


– £10 –

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The brown havana colour for prescription glasses has always been popular and with vintage trends seemingly here to stay this would make a fantastic addition as new glasses, or another pair to accessorise.  The same model is available in all black, or black on transparent too, but the havana colour is what captures our attention most: Savannah 2249.

Infinity 2083 Prescription Glasses


– £25 –

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It may well be the vintage revival that has thrusted horn-rimmed glasses back into the spotlight again, not only have they been popular this summer in sunglasses but in optical too.  A number of celebrities including Tom Hardy, David Beckham and Beyoncé have been seen sporting them, so they’re going nowhere yet: Infinity 2083.

Hallmark 8812 Prescription Glasses


– £29.50 –

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You can’t go far wrong with the classic black frame square glasses.  Clark Kent was onto something, this is perhaps the most versatile design for glasses not just for suiting both men and women, but a number of face shapes too.  We have many similar designs available, but we feel our Hallmark’s edition is particularly sleek: Hallmark 8812.

Infinity P6185 Prescription Glasses


– £10 –

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Red has always been a great unisex colour, albeit not always as popular in eyewear.  With the amount of revivals going on in fashion lately we wouldn’t be surprised if  this got a reboot, unless of course you’re a Chelsea fan, or any other team that doesn’t don red.  If so no worries, they’re available in a classic black too: Infinity P6185.

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