Ray-Ban’s Clubmaster: Upgraded

There’s many reasons for Ray-Ban’s international success, but what probably helps the most is that they practically invented some of the most popular styles in the eyewear industry, yet keep up with the current fashion trends to continuously reinvent themselves.

This also applies to their famous Clubmaster model, loved and worn by many celebs and non-celebs alike!


Image from twitter @ray_ban

This time, the creative Ray-Ban minds have worked away, employing all their efforts to deliver an upgraded version of this beloved model.  And what have they come up with?  Well, they’ve came up with a new design by incorporating organic materials into the timeless Clubmaster design, additionally enhancing it by the very best nature has to offer – wood!


Image from twitter @ray_ban

Even the Ray-Ban optical glasses have been treated to this makeover too and we must admit, the results are pretty awesome.  The above-presented combo of blue temples and bright wood hasn’t came out yet but we love the interesting mixture of colours and textures, exuding nothing but pure trendiness!


The Ray-Ban crew didn’t stop here; taking one step further they experimented with aluminum too, the light material boasting both durability and a polished appearance – qualities essential for a fine pair of shades complete with Clubmaster’s popular design:

As their new campaign suggests Clubmaster is undoubtably re-mastered, just take a look at the original (below) and you can already see how much it’s been transformed:


And now, we’re pretty sure that the new and enhanced Clubmaster will certainly attract a whole new generation of devoted wearers!

It appears that a horn-rimmed classic is here to stay. Altered and refreshed, yet so familiar and ready to nestle in our private collection of favourite accessories. And there’s no reason to be otherwise, because with the Ray-Ban’s Clubmaster, style is its second nature.

Tell us what your thoughts are on the new Clubmaster versions? Would you like to have these in your personal collection? Share below!

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