5 Affordable Alternatives to Ray-Ban Aviators Under £40

cheap alternatives to ray ban aviators

The Ray-Ban aviator has been a true classic and unisex fashion staple since the 1960s. Designed back in the early 1930s by Bausch & Lomb for fighter pilots and men working in aviation, these frames have so much history.

The prestigious vocation of flying an aircraft meant that the aviator style of eyewear became admired by the mass public and by the 60s, it had become a mainstream style of sunglasses for both men and women. The Ray-Ban aviator, to this day, has become a prestigious piece of eyewear for fashion lovers everywhere and it’s a classic style that will never go out of fashion.

But if you’re looking for a throwaway pair that you can take to festivals and gigs without the fear of losing them (or you’re just shopping on a tight budget), there are a number of Ray-Ban “dupes” out there which look just as great.

Here are 5 cheap Ray Ban dupes – aviator sunglasses that are all under £40!

Ray-Ban Dupe 1: SS Collection S2242 (£11.25)

cheap ray ban aviator dupe alternative These amazing Ray Ban dupes are from the budget SS Collection online at Select Specs. For just £11.25, you can get the classic aviator look and in either Black or a contemporary Gunmetal.

These cheap aviator sunglasses are for men and women and they feature a simple full rim frame and typical aviator features such as the top bar and nose bridge. They offer good coverage with a generous lens size of 58, which is the average Ray-Ban’s lens size for the RB3025 aviators. To achieve the Ray-Ban look for less, get your hands on the SS Collection S2242 aviator sunglasses now. A festival must-have and super cheap to buy!

Ray Ban Dupe 2: American Freshman TAYLOR (£31.92)

ray ban dupe aviators cheapThe American Freshman aviator sunglasses come in at under £40, making them a great low to mid range choice for those who want a high quality pair of glasses but don’t want to fork our for Ray-Ban’s.

Or if you’re just looking for another brand because you want something a bit different, these stylish specs make a great alternative. Featuring the typical “bullet hole” nose bridge and top bar design as seen on many classic Ray-Ban’s, the American Freshman TAYLOR frames are a fantastic copy. There are 3 on trend colours to choose from including Light Gold, Gunmetal and Pink.

Ray Ban Dupe 3: Solo Collection W33 (£15.00)

cheap alternative ray ban aviatorsThese unisex aviators are from the affordable Solo Collection at Select Specs and at just £15.00, they’re the perfect Ray-Ban cheap dupes to store in your car, bag or pocket or for taking to festivals and music gigs.

Extremely affordable and extremely stylish, these cool shades are modelled on the Ray-Ban COCKPIT aviators with a narrower frame set, which offers a classic oval lens to suit most face shapes. Get the cheap Solo Collection W33 sunglasses online and choose from 2 metal finishes.

Ray Ban Dupe 4: INVU T1501 (£35.52)

ray ban aviator dupes under £40If you don’t want to buy Ray-Ban’s but you want something just as cool, just as stylish and just as slick, the INVU T1501 Trend Collection sunglasses are the perfect price / brand go-between.

Bringing together a classic aviator shape with some on trend features, these unisex glasses are like Ray Bans but with a twist. This INVU frame features ultra slimline temple arms, a classic bridge and top bar plus mirrored lenses. It’s a contemporary, catwalk inspired take on the famous Ray-Ban aviator and we just love it. Get the INVU T1501 aviator sunglasses in 3 stylish colourways.

Ray Ban Dupe 5: Jaeger London 1503 (£25.12)

aviator sunglasses cheaper than ray banThis aviator frame is undoubtedly well put together. Just one look and you’ll see the intricate thought and detailing; it’s a good quality piece of eyewear at a budget price.

If brands are still important to you but you don’t have the cash to splash out on some new Ray-Ban’s, the affordable Jaeger London sunglasses are a cheaper alternative. At just £25.12, the Jaeger London 1503 aviators are an absolute steal! They’re unisex and come with 54 lenses and feature a quality metal frame design with tortoise shell inspired temple socks.

Check out more Ray-Ban dupes here.

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