Persol Goes Graphic in New Campaign

Persol Eyewear Campaign

With all the brouhaha surrounding Matt Damon’s recent appearance (and generous £70 tip) at a cosy pub in Luton, it’s time to focus our attention on Persol.

The leading sunglasses brand has gone all Bourne Identity thanks to its latest ad campaign. So what is all the fuss about I hear you yelp?

Well let me paint you a picture…or rather the good people working on Persol’s next marketing spiel. They have launched a rather snazzy graphic novel which they have created across a popular social media platform.

In turn, they have given the opportunity to their fans to get involved by voting on stories and scenarios. Kinda like what happens next, but much more interactive. I bet that’s pricked your ears and eyes up!

Meet the New Generation

This brand new campaign forms a part of “Meet the New Generation” which aims to create awareness of its spanking new collection of shades. But you don’t have to be in the dark on this.

The collection of real time drawings are being illustrated by artist Jonathan Bartlett, but now comes the cool bit! As the story develops, Bartlett will literally draw inspiration from users who will be able to vote as to how the story will unfold.

He will then draw a number of different scenes in order to proceed with the particular story. You can forget your Jackanory or your Jason Bourne.

According to, Persol declared:

The campaign puts users in the shoes of Frankie Malone, a rebel seeking to overthrow a regime that has outlawed free thought and stamped out individuality. It’s a classic dystopian thriller that takes its cues from films like Blade Runner, Gattaca and Minority Report while modernising the story for the world of social media.

This real time graphic story seems to know no bounds and has been redesigned for the digital revolution. Airing on Instagram, this project is set to take smartphone devices by storm.

If you want to follow the tale unfold, check out the latest happenings here. Alternatively, if you are all clued up socially, then head to Persol’s very own Instagram page.

Not only is Persol pushing the boundaries with their engaging campaign but they are one of the most iconic sunglasses brands around. Without doubt, one of their most famous products is the Persol 649, which shot Steve McQueen to fame.

Persol 649 Steven McQueen sunglasses
The New & Updated Persol 649

This brought a new Persol following, assisted of course by McQueen and his peepers. These have also undergone somewhat of a transformation, which put Persol firmly on the sunglasses map.

With other famous stars with the likes of Daniel Craig wearing Persol at a photo shoot for the James Bond film Spectre, Scott Eastwood (son of Clint) and Philip Sermour Hoffman, you can take a sneak peak at our range of Persol sunglasses here. You won’t be disappointed.

See Bret Easton Ellis and Persol’s collaboration on their “Orpheus” campaign here.