Conquer Your Week With These Trending Glasses

Did you know that you can make everyday feel like Friday if you add a twist to your thinking habits?

Did you also know that you can wake up every Monday with a smile no matter how much work you have coming up?

The most successful people allow and contribute for as much change to happen during their days as possible in order to make the most out of their days.

Whether you are looking to increase your productivity at work, impress your manager and colleagues, make someone’s day or simply treat yourself a little bit more than usual.

Here’s how changing your daily styles can help you achieve that and more.



The start of the week can be the best to pave the rest of it ahead for  happier and more valuable days.

People who drag themselves out of bed on Monday morning are at risk of suffering the rest of the week from sleep disorders, lower self esteem, and less productivity simply because they started the week the wrong way.

To look and feel your best and in turn affect how others see you, put some effort in choosing your style, especially accessories, paying extra care to your spec selection.

You can subtly impress your workers with these Hallmark TR1816, it will show the beauty of your face without too much compromise to your fresh Monday outlook.

Hallmark TR1816




On Tuesdays, you are already looking forward to enjoying the rest of your week.

Having had a great Monday impressing everyone around you with your new specs, it’s time to up your game, and put on a trendier, more stylish look.

This Savannah frame by SelectSpecs in Havana colour are designed to suit both men and women.

The frame itself is inspired by the Wayfarer styles from more expensive designer brands such as Persol or Ray-Ban, but in many ways is indistinguishable from it’s more expensive designer counterparts, despite costing just a fraction of the price.

Savannah P2249 Havana




They call it the Hump day; not sure whether it feels good or bad when people refer to Wednesdays as such, but I don’t add an adjective to my days; I simply strive to master everyday.

Wednesdays have this special feeling to me; when looking at the watch and I read ”WED” I get this instant jolt of joy.

By that time of the week, you have already impressed almost everyone around you with your fresh, unique and different looks; now it’s time to look laid back, relaxed and down to earth.

If you hear lots of people in the office say ‘Hump Day,’ smile along, play it cool, and let your new Infinity 113 Specs give them the notion that you agree.

Infinity 113 Glasses




If you ever live in the Middle East, Thursdays are Fridays in the Western World; as their weekend ends on Saturday.

You may impress your colleagues around you with your middle eastern knowledge on Thursday and think ‘TGI Thursday.’

You can also call your friends on the other side of the world and wish them a great weekend to get yourself in the mood.

Yes these Specs are called ‘i Wear i Wear’ and it’s not a typo.

The round shaped frame is perfect for any face, whether round or rectangular; it will bring out the ‘It’s going to be a great day’ thoughts in you.

i Wear i Wear 5083



If your work place allows for a dress down day, then make sure you don’t do so when selecting the perfect pair of specs.

Go ahead, put on some jeans and a hoodie, but no compromise is allowed when it comes to showing off the glare in your personality and how excited you are for the weekend.

If you would like to look chic, powerful yet utterly humble, then go for a Micahel Kors MK3017 specs.

You will instantly get a better sense of a graceful style and get in the right mood for the weekend.


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