5 Innovative Moustache + Glasses Looks You Will Love This Movember

To celebrate Men, Moustaches and the month of Movember, lots of gentlemen let their facial hair grow (particularly the space under their nose) in order to raise funds and awareness for testicular and prostate cancer – millions of men worldwide transform their baby face into all the more refined and mature gentleman of appearance!

Lots of guys want to contribute to the cause but may not be sure of which moustache style suits them best – so that’s where we come in.  If you wear glasses, why not let your glasses help make the decision for you?

And if you don’t, why hide your features behind just one clever disguise when you can bamboozle your friends with two?! So guys, this Movember don’t just get out your moustache combs, get some glasses too for a complete and astonishing makeover!

1.    Semi-rimless + the Painter’s brush

Testla 5602Painters brush

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If the plain and elegant design of semi-rimless glasses appeal to you and you would like to see your favourite girl falling at your feet as if you were Hugh Grant in any given romantic comedy, the Tesla 5602 is your pair of glasses this Movember. Combine them with a fine lined painter’s brush moustache, slick back your hair and there you are, ready to impress!

2.    The retro clubmaster + the curvy handlebar

Infinity 2083Vintage clubmaster

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Movember is the right time to get immersed in the retro fashion world. A handlebar moustache is a relatively uncommon sight these days on a younger man, but it will help you achieve that legendary and impeccable timeless look while instantly adding charm to your retro fashion style. If you aim for a vintage vibe, the Infinity 2083 will be the perfect accessory to top up your look and are just £25!

3.    Full Rimmed oversized aviators + the horseshoe

Tom Ford FT5346

Bold horseshoe

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If you strive for a matchless innovative look which will please fashionistas and traditionalists alike, the combination of a pair of trendy aviators and a big horseshoe moustache is your Movember look! The Tom Ford FT5346 is a modern design of glasses that uses a mixture of materials resulting in a totally unique pair of specs. They are not the cheapest glasses in the market but they will still make you look marvellous if you decide to get rid of your horseshoe moustache once Movember is over.

4.    Semi-rimmed rounds + the pyramid

Mercedes Benz M2055pyramide moustache

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Be a trendsetter this Movember while you surprise everyone with a flawless combination of geometrical forms. You can decide to wear your pyramid moustache with more or less of a curve but just remember to make it reach your nose. This outstanding pair of Mercedes Benz M2055 semi-rimmed round glasses are a true expression of modern luxury and when complemented with your well-trimmed pyramid moustache, will give you an awesome casual but surprising look.

5.    Cat-eye whites + English moustache

Benetton BE468bigote ingles

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If you are proud off all things British and like playing with texture, why not give your Movember look the same amount of freedom and innovation? Neatly trim your narrow moustache so that the ends stick straight out to the side, get a pair of the fabulous Benetton BE468 which shine with originality and fun (especially if you go for the white frame!) and turn heads this Movember! The Benetton BE468 are just over £75 and are available in four outstanding colours so they will suit a range of different coloured and tones of mo!

What’s your favourite specs n’ mo look from above? How are you going to hide your features this Movember? We would love to see your pictures so please do tag us @SelectSpecs on Twitter and Instagram and do not forget that Movember is not just about fashion and look, it is also a great opportunity to support a very worthy cause. Good luck with your fundraising this Movember!

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