50 Shades of Gok Wan

50 Shades Of Gok Wan

Gok Wan is a 41-year old fashion consultant in the UK, famous for his extremely popular television program on Channel 4 “How to Look Good Naked” – how could we forget?

He is also an author of fashion style books and a television presenter of various fashion and style television programmes. So if anyone is to give good fashion advice on the right glasses to wear for his face type then surely he is the glasses advisor for you?

Make up required

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Although Gok claims in this photo that ‘make up is needed’ I’m sure you’ll agree these glasses are very eye-catching and take your attention away from his face but towards the glasses. If anything these style of glasses are very attention seeking, encouraging people to look at you, your face and your glasses.

The thickness of the frame works really well with the thick knit scarf and is something to note if you are interested in these kind of glasses for yourself (similar match: Dolce & Gabbana‘s DG3195 NEW BOND STREET below) – if you’re going for thick frames on your glasses you don’t want to mix it with delicate clothing. For these glasses it really is a case of going big or going home! dolce-&-gabbana-dg3195-new-bond-street-glasses

We can see in this photo, where Gok is hanging out with his friends, that he has opted for a similar style of thick frames for his glasses, but moved away from the rectangle framed glasses to a more circular look, which helps to make it face look a little rounder and, dare we say it, a more friendly happy look?

Or this could be the lack of frown and more of a pout than in the earlier photo? Who knows!

Cab camp in full effect #vegas

A photo posted by @therealgokwan on

However, when it comes to sunglasses he changes his style completely – still opting for a larger pair of glasses that cover a majority of his face (and keeping the famous pout), he opts for a thin metal frame and a more triangular shaped pair of glasses. (Similar match: Prada‘s PR 55RS sunglasses below.)

Meanwhile, it looks like his friend has taken the thick black plastic frame look for himself, or maybe he is just looking after Gok’s glasses for him while he poses and pouts?


Southend baby

A photo posted by @therealgokwan on

Not to be one away from his thick plastic frames for too long, when in Southend Gok opts to go back to the thick black frames that he is used to, with these sunglasses. Personally we feel that the thick black frames work really well on a face and character like Gok Wan – he likes to stand out from the crowd and is keen to be noticed so glasses with a thick black plastic frame will do exactly this for him.

What do you think – would you opt for a pair of glasses with a thick black frame or would you rather go for a more conservative style that doesn’t stand out quite as much?

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