Get the Look: Tom Fletcher’s Specs Appeal

You may remember Tom Fletcher from his McFly days, where he was often seen jumping around on stage playing guitar and sporting a very rock and roll getup. But these days, daddy Tom has a more grown up look and is never seen without a pair of stylish specs.

Often sharing selfies and family snaps on Instagram with his wife Giovanna and adorable son Buzz, Tom shows that men’s glasses are certainly not boring and with the right pair you can look seriously handsome.

Men, if you want to get the Tom Fletcher look, keep reading. We’ll show you five easy ways to copy his style!

Round Glasses

Just a few days ago, Tom shared this fun photo of him and a giant jug of coffee. What we couldn’t take our eyes off, though, were his spectacular glasses. His round frames have a retro appeal complete with a timeless tortoiseshell finish. Round glasses are so on trend right now, especially for men, so we’re not surprised Tom has chosen this fab pair.

A photo posted by TomFletcher (@tomfletcher) on


To get the look for yourself, check out the Hackett London HEB148 glasses. These suave glasses have similar rounded frames and a mottled brown and black effect. hackett-london-tom-fletcher-glasses

Tortoiseshell Frames

As you can see, Tom is a big fan of tortoise shell frames, preferring their classic style over bright, bold colours. In this adorable anniversary photo in which he posed with his wife Giovanna, Tom is sporting a pair of tortoiseshell wayfarer glasses which add a smart and sophisticated look to his ensemble. Complete with a quiff and a black, blazer, these specs are perfect or special occasions.

Lovely meal with @mrsgifletcher celebrating our 12th anniversary (2 days early) A photo posted by TomFletcher (@tomfletcher) on


Copy Tom’s style with our Savannah 2444 glasses in Havana which feature the same thick wayfarer style frames.

Savannah 2444 glasses

Retro Specs

As a full-time glasses wearer, Tom certainly knows how to mix it up when it comes to style. When he’s not wearing a classic pair, he loves to try out a more unusual style.  In this recent selfie, he’s showing off his latest pair which feature circular frames for a quirky but cool look. You can see he’s still sticking to tortoiseshell though and we don’t blame him – they definately suit his complexion.

A photo posted by TomFletcher (@tomfletcher) on


Copy Tom’s retro round-framed look with the Univo U26 glasses which are almost identical to his pair. If you’d prefer another colour take a look at our site – we have a range of on-trend circular frames available. Univo U26 glasses

Stylish Shades

It’s clear to see that Tom is the king of style when it comes to glasses, but he loves a great pair of shades too. In this sunny holiday snap from a few weeks ago, he’s showing off a classic pair of wayfarer shades (in his signature tortoiseshell finish of course!)

The sun has arrived! @mrsgifletcher A photo posted by TomFletcher (@tomfletcher) on

This timeless style is easy to recreate with a classic pair of Ray-Ban RB2140 Wayfarer sunglasses. The original style from Ray-Ban, they feature light tortoiseshell frames and dark lenses for a cool look.

RayBan RB2140 sunglasses

Rectangular Frames

Finally, in this throwback pic of Tom and his sister, we can see he’s always had a thing for stylish specs. This time, its a pair of bold rectangular frames in black. These classic glasses add a handsome edge to Tom’s casual look.

While we’re not sure where Tom gets his stylish specs, if you want to recreate this look, try the Infinity A6617 glasses. Finished in matte black with a masculine shape, they’ll look great on every man.


So how do you rate Tom’s spectacle style? Will you be taking inspiration from his classic wayfarer look or his retro-inspired frames?

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