Specs to Suit Every Hairstyle

Over-sized frames, cat-eye glasses, square specs…there are so many styles of glasses to choose from, the decision can be a little overwhelming! If you’re looking for a new pair of frames to flatter and enhance your looks, you’ve probably already thought about how to complement your face shape (if you haven’t, take a look at our face shape guide!), but have you considered whether your new specs will suit your hairstyle?

Whether you’re a curly girl or you love your structured bob, here’s some advice on the best frames and shapes to suit most hairstyles.



Fringes are bang on trend right now, and when paired with glasses they’re perfect for that oh-so-cool geek chic look. A fringe draws attention to your eyes and the top half of your face, so play on this look with statement specs. Zooey Deschanel is a good example how to pull this look off with a pair of Savannah P2383 frames. These wayfarer style specs have thick, dark frames that will enhance the geeky chic look.

Savannah P2383 Glasses

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Alternatively, slightly curved or cat eye frames such as the Hallmark E9857 glasses will add some shape to blunt, heavy fringes. Side swept fringes are a little easier to style with glasses as their soft, sexy look will look great with most frames. If you’re thinking of rocking the fringe and glasses look, make sure to keep your fringe trimmed above your frames for a groomed finish.

Hallmark E9857

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Short Hair & Pixie Cuts

@jlyall1990 rocking our Savannah P2429’s – only £9 and available at #SelectSpecs – #RedGlasses #Wayfarer

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You ladies with a pixie cut or a crop are usually blessed with great features and a beautiful bone structure, which means that you can pull off most glasses.

However, a pixie cut is a bold looks that oozes confidence, so don’t go for plain frames – stand out with statement specs instead. Your fun and funky hairstyle will look great with bold angular or square frames. We love the daring red frames above, which look amazing with short hair. The specs featured are our best-selling Savannah P2429’s, but we also love the Masimo A106 below, with its glossy ruby frames. Massimo A106 Glasses

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With short hair or a crop, frame size is key. When you have less hair, it’s important to balance out the look so that your glasses don’t take over your face. Try to avoid frames that are too over-sized and keep your glasses in proportion. Additionally, gamine cuts can risk looking too masculine if you go for huge, unisex styles, so keep things feminine with girly shapes, details and decorations. The Mimas A501 ticks both these boxes, with a petite frame and sparkly feminine embellishments.

Mimas A501

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Short Bobs

A bob is a timeless and classic hairstyle that suits almost every woman. It’s effortless and sexy, so we don’t blame you if you’re sporting a bobbed haircut.

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of glasses to complement your cut, we’d recommended a curved frame. Round or oval glasses help to soften the sharp and angular lines of a bob for a flattering look that isn’t too harsh. Cat-eye frames would also look lovely, to give your bob a retro twist.

Canadian blogger Simmons On Style is also wearing one of our Savannah styles, the Savannah 2439 (they’re one of our most popular designs!), but we have a great range of round-framed specs that are perfect for bobbed ladies.

Savannah 2439

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The bob is a real structured, defined hairstyle which looks great when complemented by a bold and eye-catching frame. For a statement look, we love these on-trend circle frames, which have round frames to soften sharp lines but are fashion-forward and daring too. The perfect combination for a bob! Get the look with the Infinity P6185 glasses. Infinity P6185

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Curly & Wavy Hair

From soft beach waves to luscious ringlets, curls are one of the most coveted hairstyles. After all, many of us spend hours in front of the mirror fighting with curling tongs to tease our tresses into a bouncy mane of curls. If you’re lucky to have natural curls, or you’re a slave to styling, it can be hard to find the right pair of glasses to suit your hairstyle.

Curls can look quite busy and often add volume and texture to hair, so the key is to keep it simple. Choose a pared-back look to complement your curly hair. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun though. Kimberly Walsh has gone for a retro cat-eye inspired frame but has refrained from bright colours and embellishments, choosing an uncomplicated shape in classic black. Go for a similar style with the Ray-Ban RX7042 cat eye specs.

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Square and rectangular frames are also very flattering for curly and wavy hair. Their angled shape can add edge to curls and contrast against their soft look. The Infinity A1505 wooden glasses are perfect for curly-haired girls. Infinity A1505

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Straight Styles

Finally, we have one of the most common hair types. Many of us have naturally straight locks or prefer the hairstyle for its ease and sleek, sophisticated look.

Straight-haired gals can wear most types of glasses, but there are a few tips you should take on board. To avoid your look from falling flat, consider soft, rounded frames that will work against the straight lines of your hair and add contrast. We’ve already seen the Infinity, featured above, but we think the Boss Orange BO 0201 glasses are perfectly suited to straight hair.

Boss Orange BO 0201 glasses

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Straight hair can look a little dull and lifeless if we let it, so add interest to your look with a unique colour or an unusual feature – straight haired girls can easily pull it off. We love these Savannah 8121 clear frames which add a soft yet fashion-forward look to straight hair.

Savannah 8121 clear glasses

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So, whether you’re a bobbed beauty or you love a straight, sleek hairdo, we have glasses to suit every style and shape. We hope this guide has helped you on your quest for the perfect pair of specs to suit your hair – and if you have any selfies like above send them to us and show how you’re styling your specs with which hairstyle!

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