6 Celebs You Never Knew Wear Contact Lenses

As we all know, there is no business like show business. In this warped, Willy Wonka style world where dreams are made and broken frequently, appearance is everything. Why all you have to do is strut your stuff John Travolta style down Sunset Boulevard to get noticed.

Image is key and in order to remain plastic fantastic many celebs undergo significant transformations. From tummy tucks to chin lifts, some celebs will literally stop at nothing to achieve the ultimate look.

This precise concept is exactly the same when it comes to eye wear. Some individuals will go goo goo for a slick pair of contacts. Considered to be the ultimate fashion statement, you can now choose from hundreds of weird and wonderful colours.

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Yet, this trend of celebs sporting large circle lenses has become a growing phenomenon in recent times. This particular craze has spread through opticians like wildfire and has thrust them into the spotlight.

One such example features the mysterious yet mind boggling Lady Gaga. The pint sized pop princess has already had a string of hits and has sold more than 27 million albums worldwide. Yet the Poker Face star drew plenty of attention for not only that carnivorous dress but one of her most iconic videos.


Yes, she may be a bit out there but it was the oversized contacts she adorned in the Bad Romance music video. This is what drew many people’s attention. Despite her cartoon like eyes being as large as Droopy, it did not prevent swarms of people going wild for oversized contacts.

But there are some A, B and even C listers out there who have gone Gaga for wearing them. Here, for your eyes only, we count down the 6 celebs you never knew who wear contact lenses.

6. Orlando Bloom


Image from: Wikipedia

Checking in at number 6 is Orlando Bloom. Well Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom if we are clutching at straws! Queue Troy Mcclure from The Simpsons. You might remember him from such films as that big trilogy you know something, something of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean. His other epic adventures have included starring as Paris alongside Brad Pitt in Troy not to mention Kingdom of Heaven. The 38 year old British Actor has also taken on the role of a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. Apparently, Bloom likes to wear contacts to correct vision as well as alter his eye colour. You may have spotted this small detail especially in some of his films where his natural brown eyes changed to blue. Blooming marvellous.

5. Jennifer Aniston


Image from Wikipedia

So no one actually told you that it was going to be this way? Your job may be a joke but Jennifer Aniston’s contact lens wearing shenanigans is no laughing matter. Famed for her role as Rachel in the hugely successful sitcom Friends, Aniston has gone on to make a number of different movies. This includes He’s Just That Not Into You and Along Came Polly. She is currently married to American actor and screenwriter Justin Theroux whom she married just this year. Although she struggled to climb the greasy showbiz ladder, Aniston too belongs to the contacts club. Previously, she was a glasses wearer but was finding hard to land a role. Nowadays, she can be usually seen sporting a pair of blue lenses.

4. Hayden Panetiere


Image from Wikipedia

After breaking on to our screens thanks to the overwhelming success of “Heroes,” Hayden Pannetiere has gone from strength to strength. One of the most popular roles has seen her star in the hit TV series Nashville. She is very much in love with all things lenses and has spoken many times about her passion. Big eye lenses are definitely her thing as she now wears blue or green contacts. This is in stark contrast to her piercing dark eyes previously. Unfortunately, Pannetiere is currently suffering from postpartum depression and checked into a medical facility just last week. We all wish you a speedy recovery Hayden.

3. Robert Pattinson


Image from Wikipedia

No, you are not entering the “Twilight” zone just yet. Legend has it that Robert Pattinson is a contact connoisseur. He has portrayed Salvador Dali and did you know he appeared in Harry Potter?  Pattinson actually began his rise to stardom when he took on the role of Cedric Diggory in the 2005 film, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. In fact, Pattinson wore lenses for the Twilight films by replacing his natural blue colour for a more auburn brown. You can catch him in his latest role, Childhood of a Leader directed by Brady Corbet.

2. Ivanka Trump 


Image from Wikipedia

The Donald would no doubt approve of our next entry. Daughter of Don, Ivanka Trump is an extremely successful business woman with many entrepreneurial strings to her bow. She has a burgeoning jewellery line coupled with an extensive collection of bags to her name. For many years, Ivanka has graced our screen on the US version of The Apprentice. This was of course until Señor Trump put his political foot in regarding his comments surrounding Mexicans. Whilst daddy fights it out with Washington’s big wigs in a battle for the Republican candidacy, Lady Trump is a big fan of lenses. Although she has a dark brown eye colour, Ivanka uses big lenses to portray a radiant honey like finish.

1. Paris Hilton 


Image from Wikipedia

All it takes is to rock up to a hotel and the Penthouse suite is hers. Heir to the vast Hilton hotel fortune, Paris Hilton sweeps in at number 1. An avid contact groupie for many years, she uses them to enhance her look. From a sultry brown to a bright blue eyed beauty, Hilton is one of the most controversial celebs around. On some occasions, she tends to revert to large eye contacts for maximum effect. From The Simple Life to being arrested for drink driving, she has dominated many gossip columns over the last decade.

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  • Tim Burdell says:

    I of course knew Lady Gaga wore contacts but had no idea that Jennifer Aniston did, boy what a beautiful woman.

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