8 Unique Ways To Wear Red This Summer

The red colour is a very emotionally intense colour and therefore it is called “the colour of extremes”. All fashionistas agree that wearing the colour red in the right way is…well, a bit tricky. Why?

Because while it is the colour of passion, love, romance and desire, but it is also used to represent power, strength, energy and even danger.

So, the question is: how to wear red to look stylish and fashionable to stand out from the crowd, without over-doing it?

After reading this article, you will feel inspired and ready to unleash the power of colour red. Let’s get started!

1. Red Shoes

The secret is in matching and mixing it with contrasting cool colours.

If you want to dress casual and throw in a bit of vibrancy to your otherwise dull white t-shirt and denim jeans, then throw a pair of red shoes to make the daytime look instantly bright and cheerful.

2. Red Hat & Skirt

If you are hesitant to try red, it is a good way to add hints of red with your outfit, here and there by starting with accessories like hats, shoes, bag or even a red lipstick.

So, how about a red hat to match with a short red skirt? It gives a playful and fun appeal to the daytime look.

3. Red Blouse & Heels

Are you feeling a bit bold? Then why not try red blouse and balance the effervescence with trousers in plain white.

Add stunning red heels to get all the eyeballs on you when you walk the streets and dazzle the crowd.

4. Red Frock Dress

Remember your denim jacket gathering dust in your wardrobe? I know, you are tired of styling it t-shirt and jeans, but how about a knee-length red dress?

Get one with a flowery print or polka dots and maybe frills to get the in the summer mood. Now, match it with your trusted denim jacket.

Make a statement by accessorizing with a pair of Ray-Bans.


We suggest these timeless Michael Jackson Ray Ban frames:

5. Red Evening Gown

Now that you have learned how to wear red the casual way, let’s see how you can put it on for a cocktail party or when you have to attend a wedding function.

If you are wearing a full-length beautiful evening gown in red, you don’t want more splash of red, because that, my friend, will overdo it.

So, keep the make-up in neutral tones, leave the hair open unless you are wearing a backless, in that case, it would be better to style those long tresses in a chignon.

Again, keep the colours muted when choosing accessories like purse and shoes. Go for matte silver or white.

6. Red Prom Dress or Wedding Dress

Maybe you are looking for that perfect dress for your prom night. Make it memorable and extraordinary with a delicately embroidered gown in red.

Accessorize with jewellery like a bracelet or a heart-shaped pendant to complete the feminine and girly look. Be the prom night queen of hearts or better yet, be the unconventional bride with this red dress:


7. Red Pant Suit

As you can see, red compliments both casual and evening look. But how about a daredevil look with an all-red bold suit pant?

If you can pull off this classic look, kudos to you. It will add some drama and put you in the limelight wherever you go, whether it’s a DJ party or a fashion event.

It is unmissable and swoon-worthy. Be “the ultimate Rockstar” with this red suit.

8. Red Bikini

We are not forgetting that summer is here and shopping for a bikini is a must for your travel bag. Time to flaunt your toned abs and long legs in a red swimwear with a selfie.

Go for the “I am sexy and I know it” pose and show the world how it’s done with a big straw hat and trendy shades.


Pump up the oomph factor with these Dolce & Gabbana cat-eye frames in red we have specially chosen for the glamorous you:


With all these amazing ideas to inspire you to wear red this summer, are you all set to put your red shoes on and paint the town red with your #girlboss attitude? This statement says it all:

Now that you have got your summer wardrobe sorted, head over to this article and get 5 TIPS FOR FLAWLESS SUMMER SKIN

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