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    Eyewear Maintenance 101

    There is nothing better than keeping your pair of glasses in good shape than going back and forth to the opticians to have them adjusted. With all these measures taken into consideration you should find your glasses are kept in good condition for however long you wish for them to…

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    Festival Fashion: Hair And Eyewear 101

    It may be chilly at the moment out there, but with Spring just around the corner and Summer soon to follow, we can’t help but look towards those balmy days and start planning our festival fashion already! Although Glastonbury might be taking a rest this year, there are plenty of other festivals,…

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    Top 5 Celebrities in Trendy Glasses

    We all know that geek chic has become massively popular over the coming years. Which must be a relief for the short sighted. But yet, in some way, that still doesn’t change the pre-conceptions of those who wear glasses. Maybe we do have contacts to blame for this, but rarely…