Top Outdoor Activity Sunglasses For Adrenaline Junkies

For all you adrenaline junkies (or budding adrenaline junkies) out there, this is for you! With a world full of amazing, adrenaline-surging activities, you’d better start making plans to experiences some of these if you have not already.

And while you are out there making amazing memories, for a lot of these outdoor activities you may find yourself needing a pair of sunglasses.

You will want something sturdy but stylish, and probably with good coverage.

Here are a few exciting activities to add to your bucket list and some suggestions for appropriate pairs of sunglasses.


Whether you are cruising sand dunes on ATVs or taking them through mountains, you’ll probably want a pair of sunglasses to keep your vision clear (of wind, sand and sun).

You probably want something with enough coverage, but not too enclosed that you will feel uncomfortable.

Also keep in mind you will be wearing a helmet and would therefore opt for sunglasses with thinner arms.

Try on a pair of Bolle 473 Retro Collection sunglasses for that perfect balance.

Plus, how can you say no to this awesome colour?!

Bolle 473 Retro Collection

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If you are off paragliding, don’t forget to grab yourself a pair of Oakley OO9360 CROSSRANGE XL sunglasses.

They come in a whole range of colours, and are the perfect pair for your next adventure.

Remember to choose a scenic place to paraglide, it will make it all the more worthwhile.


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If you have not been jetskiing before, I would highly recommend it.

This is a great sport for those more cautious because you are in control of where you go and how fast.

You can even ride in pairs.

Of course for this, you would want to have a pair of sunglasses that work well with water sports.

Try out these Bolle Recoil sunglasses.

They are stylish, have horizontal coverage, look pretty aerodynamic for the cause, and you can choose from a range of colours!

Bolle Recoil

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If you are lucky enough to be going sandboarding, you will want to make sure you are equipped.

Take a pair of Serengeti Cosmopolitan BIANCA sunglasses with you to protect your eyes from both the sun and the sand.

Because trust me, sand in your eyes is not fun!

I would also recommend making sure you are wearing closed shoes.

Serengeti Cosmopolitan BIANCA

Yes, you will get sand in them (I think you will probably be getting sand everywhere), but the closed shoes will be easier to strap into your board, and also will be a lot more comfortable than bare feet on scorching dunes!

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Is skydiving on the menu?

Because it really should be if you’re looking for a good ole’ adrenaline rush.

There are differing opinions about whether or not to wear sunglasses whilst skydiving (securely fastened in your helmet).

However, do be aware that if they are not securely worn, they can injure you.

Perhaps it’s better for you to take a pair up in the plane and remove them before the jump to be on the safe side.

You should be receiving a pair of goggles to skydive with anyway.

Try out these Adidas a425 wildcharge sunglasses for your pre and post jump eye protection!

Adidas a425 wildcharge

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There are so many places in the world to experience ziplining, and across such a variety of terrain.

Either way, you’ll do well with a pair of Bolle Tetra sunglasses.

They are stylish, but also streamline, which will keep your eyes protected as you enjoy the views!

Bolle Bolt S

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