Top Luxury Cars + Eyewear Pairings

Whenever you look back at the rear-view mirror, you get to catch a brief glimpse of the road you’ve left behind, and at the long distances you’ve traveled with your car. It’s an enduring love affair.

Whenever you look at the rear-view mirror you get to see your other love affair: right on top of your nose, your spectacles have been a great companion through sunshiny mornings and foggy days.

Car creators and spectacle designers have cooperated ever since to fuse two of your favourite objects and make combination choices easier.

For instance, the Porsche Design glasses offer you a variety of designs and styles to combine with your Porsche.

But, you don’t have to drive a Porsche to wear them.

Nor do you have to opt only for the Porsche Design to combine with your car.

There are many more options!

The varieties that are suitable for your car are limitless, but here are 5 of the most wanted that go perfectly together.

Bentley & Dunhill London Eyewear

A combination made in heaven.

The elegance of the round glasses of the Dunhill London VDH 020 display simplicity, but also an elaborate and unique design.

A perfect match for a car like the Bentley Continental GT.

The perfect pair up of elegance and modernity!

Bentley Continental GT & Dunhill London VDH020

Audi & Tag Heuer Eyewear

This Tag Heuer model is a classic choice for the nobleman or noblewoman.

Its fragile look is deceiving.

Its frames are robust and simultaneously graceful.

Just like the Audi A6.

These two would round up the perfect material companionship.

Audi A6 & Tag Heuer Reflex 3 Acetate 3951


Mercedes Benz + Tom Ford Eyewear

The original Tom Ford FT5467 is an out-of-this-world piece of art.

Its transparent greyish frames ensures a modern, fanciful look.

A great eye-catcher.

Just like the Mercedes Benz AMG E63.

What a lush companionship for the hardworking individual who opts for luxurious comfortability.

Mercedes AMG E 63 & Tom Ford FT5467


BMW Z4 Convertible & Tommy Hilfiger Eyewear

For the young free-spirited stylish character, nothing matches better than a Tommy Hilfiger model, such as the TH 1317.

If you like speed, the convertible BMW Z4 is a dream on wheels and the Tommy Hilfiger TH 1317 suggests an exciting alliance if you opt for  rich vehicles like this one.

Both together are a statement of exclusiveness and tasteful cunning for trends.

BMW Z4 & the Tommy Hilfiger TH 1317

Jeep Grand Cherokee & Oakley Eyewear

Oakley spectacles and the Grand Cherokee are the perfect fit.

It’s the ‘street-smart’ and the’ sierra-smart’ selection for the fancy rowdy.

The snazzy Oakley OX8076 Crosslink Zero with its simple but sturdy frames encourages adventures.

It’s the reliable companion to take on the tougher roads.

Jeep Grand Cherokee & the Oakley OX8076 Crosslink Zero


There are a plenty of varieties and choices to combine with your automobile. 

The choices are vast, but the right decision will be a long-lasting glee.

The detail lies within recognizing your personality and what you want to express with your style.

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