Steal The Look: Robert Downey Jr

This superstar is like wine – it gets better with time. He is now aged 52, but with every year, his style is timeless, unconventional yet still highly fashionable.

Robert Downey Jr. is not afraid of trying new outfits or mixing casual with formal accessories.

The actor possesses theatrical skills, but we are not shy to declare him a true fashion icon.

In this article, we won’t try to focus on the usual patterns of fashion, but on the trademark features which transform him into a worldwide role model.

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Unconventional Elegance


There is no wonder why he’d been chosen for the main role in Iron Man.

This guy is a stylish one who loves unconventional elegance.

He loves to be the target of the paparazzi, but his white sneakers mixed with this slim fit dark gray two-piece suit is just a fashion miracle.

Robert Downey’s style is the perfect reflection of his character – unconventional, creative, and intelligent.

What we love about this look is the combination of white and dark as a whole, which makes the look a perfect fit if you want to generate a young and crazy outcome.

Fabulous and modern.

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Casual + Formal


You might call him undecided or just a fashion freak, but we call him a creative fashion icon.

As Robert Downey Jr loves to mix formal elements such as slim-fit shirts or blazers with off-duty accessories such as a hoodie, hat or T-shirt.

Whenever you study his choices in terms of outfits, you will find a diversity of items which actually look awesome together.

He is the definition of an all-rounder

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Eternal Youth


He can easily dress for the gym or for a casual day out.

The golden rule for Robert Downey Jr is the abundance of timeless accessories which transform him into a young star, although he is now aged 52.

Robert loves colorful t-shirts and beanies, as they represent a must have in his wardrobe.

And take a look at his bracelets: simple and discrete.

What is even more intriguing is that his style won’t cost you a fortune.

You can copy the Iron Man’s casual and young style with less than £100.

All you need is an easy going mentality as he loves a disorganized, but stylish look.

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Trademark Eyewear


Every fashion icon has his own trademark.

In this case, we’re talking about Robert’s transparent and fashionable lenses.

Let’s face it, this elegant look is one of a kind, no one can look better than him with this kind of look.

As a copy of this masterpiece, we recommend a pair of sunglasses which are stylish and easy-to-wear at the same time: Davidoff Eyewear 97127. 

The shady oversized lenses will rival Downey Jr’s unique eyewear choice as the design is not only contemporary, but highly adaptable for any look you want to try.

Available with spring hinge and polarized lenses, this accessory from Davidoff is your visa to a crazy and elegant party alongside the Iron Man.

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