Hollywood Actor: Sylvester Stallone’s Style

When you are a part of the Hollywood Dream Team of actors, the sky is the limit. If kids will still see you as a role model in 10 years as you rocked the world with roles such as John Rambo or Rocky Balboa, you know your image will be attributed to raw power.

And as a stylish gentleman, you will always choose masculine and powerful sunglasses which will confirm your status as a superstar.

Yeah, you guessed, we’re talking about Sylvester Stallone, one of the action movie icons who will always represent the image of timeless power.

Today, we present to you some of the best sunglasses from his extended collection.

Retro Aviators

As every action movie star will tell us, Aviators are a must-have in their stylish collection.

The brow bar is part of the classic design of these types of shades, and the Ray-Ban RB3422Q Outdoorsman are the most common option if you want to copy his style.

With a leather brow bar and an 100% slim black design, these sunglasses are out of this world.

The shady lenses and the leather temple pads are highly compatible with the ultimate masculine look promoted through the years by Stallone.


Powerful Mirror-Effect


On a sunny day, even a badass guy like John Rambo will prefer blue-mirror lenses.

They are not only highly fashionable, but fit for any outfit.

Stallone seems to wear the twin sister of the Ray-Ban RB2132 – New Wayfarer, as the black acetate frames are an ideal match for his round-shaped lenses.

Apart from generating a stunning image, the actor looks younger due to the mirror-effect while his eyes are in heaven as the lenses can be chosen in a polarized version.


 Elegant Attitude


What is impressive about this iconic actor and producer is the elegance that transpires through his outfits.

If you take a closer look at these sunglasses, you can depict his natural approach to fashion as the shades are ideal for an elegant yet relaxed outfit.

It’s a difficult task to copy his elegance, but you can make the first step with the Serengeti PANAREA 24h – Le Mans Limited Edition. 

As we know, the main mission of this sunglasses brand is to guarantee your eyes are protected.

You also have the option to choose between spring hinge or polarized lenses.

Satin black frames and temples represent subtle elegance while the overall look is genius if you combine a slim-fit shirt and tailored trousers.


Funky White Shades


You wouldn’t expect a guy who is over 70 years old to be a promoter of such a funky look.

But he dresses with grace and glory, and we can only give him a huge round of applause for it.

Especially if you think these sunglasses look exactly like the trademark 21st century Oakley OO9013 Frogskins.

With polished clear frames and a diverse range of options for the lenses, you can choose between 12 colors, and are in for a treat.

This product is an ambassador for youth and funkiness, so don’t hesitate to buy them before Rocky Balboa counts you up to 10.




We already settled that he is an elegant gentleman, but take a look at this horn-rimmed masterpiece.

We expect you to think of the classic Clubmaster, but let’s think outside the box.

MEXX 6311 is a horn-rimmed fashion hit as black and light gold are combined into a mesmerizing product.

You will adore the shady lenses and will fall in love with the clear lines of the frames and the stylish bridge.

Underrated sunglasses, but the wow effect is a certainty.


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