Alex Turner Smoking Hot Sunglasses to Rock this Autumn!

Alex Turner is a genius lyricist, leader of the famous rock band “Arctic Monkeys” and the 3rd most stylish man in the world! His talent includes his ability to communicate emotions through his songs and to pull off a leather jacket in the coolest way.

He’s the model of the modern British rock star and thanks to his Instagram pictures he can give us a masterclass in rockstar style. Like all the most respectful rockstars, his wardrobe’s key accessory is a wide range of  stylish sunglasses.

So here’s a round-up of his best looks and sunglasses to help you channel your inner groupie!


my aunt just said “if i was there when your mom was naming you i would’ve put alexa.”✨? #alexturner

A photo posted by Alex Turner (@alexturnered) on

His style is a mix of a rock-star of the ’50 with a modern sassy look added to a “beautiful and damned” attitude, which has made his fans literally fall in love with him.

His favorite shades to match his rocker outfits are the classical Ray-Ban wayfarer, which he seems cannot do without whether he’s on stage or just relaxing with his friends.

The Ray-Ban RB2176 are a close match to his favorite glasses, to wear with every outfit, they will make you feel his sassy and confident vibe on every occasion and, you never know, might make someone fall in love… ray-ban club master sunglasses, alex turner inspo

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pink floral haze. #alexturner A photo posted by Alex Turner (@alexturnered) on

Another very loved frame from the beloved singer is the squared one, we can see him wearing squared sunglasses in the majority of his magazine photoshoots and his music videos.

In fact as we can see from the pic above he has on a pair of rectangular sunglasses which gives him a “Elvis Presley” rock-ish allure. He’s known for bringing back the ’50 music and fashion style, but of course in a modern and cool way.

If  you want to get a taste of his style and feel his sexy attitude try this Ray-Ban RB3136, the new aviator shape is the hottest trend this year.squared frame sunglasses/ ray-ban/ alex turner inspo

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comment some great songs. please #alexturner

A photo posted by Alex Turner (@alexturnered) on

We couldn’t end this post with trying not to match the sunglasses he is wearing in the most loved  music video of the Arctic Monkeys: “Are you mine?”

In the fashionable music-video Alex is singing and wearing a pair of big squared brown shades which enhance his sex-appeal with a cool retro vibe.

alex turner sunglasses inspiration are u mine video

This Sunset+251 sunglasses are a close match to the super cool sunglasses worn by the rock singer, they will make you feel his hot energy and above all will make you irresistible!

squared frame, alex turner inspo

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Which of Alex’s favorite shades you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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