Beauty And The Beast: Eyewear Inspiration

90’S kids rejoice – our favorite tale (as old as time) finally saw its stunning re-imagining released in UK cinemas last month. Casting Emma Watson as the irrepressible Belle and adding a fresh gloss of that Disney magic, Beauty and The Beast proves to be the most buzzed about film of the year.

Dust off that ballgown, and be our guest as we take a look at our fave character’s signature styles, with some seriously stylish shades to match.


Bookish, warm, and fiercely independent, Belle is an outsider in her poor provincial town who dreams of greater things.

Her romance with The Beast may be true as it can be, but it’s her sense of self-worth and unwavering determination that ensures she’s a favorite for Disney fans everywhere.

Channel her iconic look with the bold Givenchy GV 7050/S – a playful, perfect touch of beauty!

The Beast

Misunderstood, moody, and more than a little shaggy around the edges, The Beast has his work cut out in his quest to find true love and break the curse set upon his household.

The remake allows for an even wilder portrayal, making his burgeoning relationship with Belle all the more tender.

Adorn with the blues and whites (and a dash of gold!) from his iconic ballroom dress coat by trying the Dior Homme DIORMOTION1 for the perfect princely touch.


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He’s the pompous, arrogant antagonist with eyes only for himself. Gaston may have little competition for biggest ego in town, but when he’s spurned of Belle’s affections, it’s suddenly the Beast’s downfall that he craves.

Steal his style (if you dare) with the preppy Polaroid PLD 6019/S bold red frames and you’ll soon be just as slick as Gaston!

The Wardrobe

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As glamorous as they come, it’s only fitting that Madame De La Grande Bouche should have been transformed into the most stylish wardrobe in the land.

She goes on to provide Belle with the most iconic dress in fairy tale history, cementing her effortless eye for all things fabulous.

Capture her Renaissance elegance with the Prada PR 23NS – a picture perfect pair of shades with just the right amount of sass to boot.

Mrs Potts

She’s the kind, motherly teapot with a twinkle in her eye and a song in her heart. Yes, Mrs Potts may well be our favorite singing piece of porcelain ever.

Guiding both Belle and Beast through their blossoming romance, while also keeping her lovable son Chip in check, Mrs Potts proves herself a source of wisdom and inspiration to those around her.

We think the Karl Lagerfeld KL900S shades, with their gentle hues of purple and pink, are a perfect match for her demure demeanor.

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