Best Eyewear Trends to Carry You into 2018!

eyewear trends for 2018
Popular eyewear trends for this year.

So, 2017 has come and gone in a flash hasn’t it?!

Now that 2018 has well and truly made its way into our lives, it is about time that our specs made that journey too.

Specific trends in eyewear such as oversized, browline and aviator styles made their everlasting mark last year in the market.

If you are a glasses wearer yourself, wishing to be informed about which styles are predicted to be the most popular within 2018, be sure to carry on reading. You are sure to become a trendy chick this year with our handy eyewear guide!


Pastel Power

A massive trend for this year is set to be pastel coloured specs.

It doesn’t matter whether you are going to be purchasing oversized or teeny glasses, you are sure to be kept up-to-date with some lighter coloured frames.

So, what are you waiting for?!

Express your personality with this quirky trend for 2018!

A great example from us are these wonderful Bobbi Brown THE RILEY specs, which will be sure complete any fashion conscious outfit!

Bobbi Brown THE RILEY


Skinny Specs

Another predicted eyewear trend this year are skinny framed specs.

This style is set to get even more popular in months to come, as they were a key trend last year too.

If you haven’t already, why not try out this great trend for yourself in 2018?

It is recommended that you check out this awesome pair of Infinity D8732‘s from us here at SelectSpecs for a head start!

Infinity D8732


Amazing Acetate

Another key trend for 2018 are glasses made from acetate frames.

This eyewear trend has been popping up everywhere in recent years, but it is set to make an almighty comeback this year!

If you are interested in trying out a slightly different look to start off the new year, be sure to take a look at this pair of similar i Wear i Wear 5083‘s below.

i Wear i Wear 5083


Coloured Lenses

Another trend to watch out for in 2018 are coloured lenses!

This is a trend which was very popular last year, so undoubtedly the hype is set to follow on throughout the early months of this year!

Coloured lenses are a style that can easily transform an outfit, solidifying the idea that glasses don’t always have to look boring!

Have a look at this pair of American Freshman ASHLEY sunnies from us for some much-needed inspiration!

American Freshman ASHLEY


Acceptable in the 80’s

Additionally, it has been predicted that eyewear trends from the 1980’s are going to be making a huge comeback in 2018!

Following on from the successes of 2017, there is no surprise that 80’s style specs have earned their place in 2018.

Key themes of this trend include oversized and exaggerated styles, so why not get on board?!

Express your inner Adam Ant for 2018!

Check out these Fendi FF 0152/S examples to get started.

Fendi FF 0152/S


That concludes this post on the top predicted eyewear trends, which are sure to help you stay stylish with your specs in 2018! If you enjoyed reading this post, be sure to take a look at this article on the ‘Top Winter 17-18 Looks‘ to stay up-to-date with all things fashion.

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