Deepika Padukone’s Vogue Eyewear Collection

Deepika Padukone, the globally popular Indian actress, was chosen as the official brand ambassador of Vogue Eyewear in 2013. Vogue Eyewear features a collection of glamorous frames which offer different looks such as geek, classic, flirty, feminine, and chic. The wide range of frames is designed especially for women, enabling them to travel with confidence and style.

In 2014, Deepika’s Selects for Vogue Eyewear was launched, and it featured some of the best Vogue frames selected by the actress. The beautifully crafted Eyewear collection consists of colourful frames which are enhanced by Deepika Padukone’s initials.

Vogue Eyewear also launched Spring Summer 2016 communication campaign by collaborating with leading Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone. According to Deepika, Vogue Eyewear Brand is perfect for women who have a strong passion for fashion.

Join us as we look at some of the extremely stylish shades from Deepika Padukone’s Vogue Eyewear Collection.

Brown Cat-Eyes

Deepika Padukone dazzles in a white chic attire as she poses for the 2014 Vogue Eyewear photo-shoot session.

We’re loving Deepika’s glow in this highly exquisite shot for the Vogue Eyewear campaign.

The beautiful Indian actress is seen sporting attractive shades from her own Vogue capsule collection named ‘Deepika’s Selects’.

Deepika’s simple hairdo, light-coloured chic attire, and stylish glasses are an inspiration for all modern-day fashionistas.

Grab these trendy Vogue VO5034SB sunglasses to match the look of the lovely Deepika Padukone!

Vogue VO5034SB

Vibrant Fashionista

Deepika looks super hot in the shot above, posing for the 2016 Vogue Eyewear photo-shoot session.

We’re loving the orange coloured western outfit matched with golden bracelets and trendy dark sunglasses from Vogue Eyewear.

Deepika’s shades are the best examples of perfectly designed frames that help to redefine your fashion statement.

The sunglasses, ring and other accessories blend well with Deepika’s vibrant outfit.

Grab these Classic Vogue VO2778SB sunglasses to match the look of Deepika Padukone!


Vogue VO2778SB

Desert Heat

The picture shows Deepika posing for a scorching hot photo-shoot session in the vast and humid Dubai desert.

We are obsessed with this simple yet stylish look from Deepika. The green casual top with blue Denim shorts makes a perfect outfit for everyday wear.

Deepika’s stylish Vogue shades happen to be the centre of attraction in this beautifully shot picture.

Steal Deepika’s style with these classic Vogue VO5092SB sunglasses to complete your look!

Vogue VO5092SB

Pretty Purple

Deepika Padukone looks elegant wearing the stunning 2 Circles specs from her Vogue Eyewear collection.

We love the glossy effect created by the stylish frames of the 2 Circles Vogue glasses.

The frames match well with Deepika’s beautiful purple coloured attire.

Grab these Vogue VO4010S sunglasses to look as beautiful as Deepika Padukone!

Vogue VO4010S

 Glowing in Green

What a super hot look from the Indian beauty!

In this shot for the 2013 Vogue Eyewear photo-shoot session, Deepika is sporting a vibrant green casual attire with dark Vogue sunglasses.

The dark shades and golden bracelets add extra glamour to Deepika’s sexy appearance.

Steal Deepika’s look by using these classic sunglasses VO2990S from Vogue!

Vogue VO2990S

 Feeling Blue

Lounging with @DeepikaPadukone #DeepikaPadukone #VogueEyewear #LightAndShine

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The charming beauty Deepika Padukone poses for the 2016 ‘Light and Shine’ Vogue Eyewear campaign.

Deepika’s wardrobe features a trendy casual attire with matching eyewear from Vogue.

We love the fine detailing and simplistic coloured patterns found in Deepika’s light-coloured attire.

The blue framed Vogue glasses are a perfect match for Deepika’s white casual outfit.

Match Deepika’s look by using these blue framed Vogue VO5165S shades!

Vogue VO5165S


Natural Beauty

The gorgeous Deepika Padukone blends with nature as she poses for the 2015 Vogue Eyewear photo-shoot session.

Set in a natural background, Deepika steals the spotlight by sporting a multi-coloured outfit with matching bracelets and elegant glasses.

Deepika’s super colourful and vibrant costume is the perfect choice for a picnic or an adventurous trip.

The trendy dark-framed glasses from Vogue Eyewear completes the look.

Steal Deepika’s style by using these Vogue VO2843S sunglasses to enhance your look!

Vogue VO2843S

Soft Blues

#DeepikaPadukone #VogueEyewear

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The 2016 Vogue Eyewear photo-shoot featured actress Deepika Padukone in a soft blue coloured chic outfit.

We’re obsessed with Deepika’s vibrant outfit, large fancy earrings, and dark Sun Blaze frames from Vogue Eyewear.

Deepika’s chic attire is perfect for all kinds of parties and occasions.

Get Deepika’s look by using these stunning VO5154SB shades from Vogue Eyewear!

Vogue VO5154SB

Deepika in Dubai

Shot in Dubai, Deepika looks amazing in a yellow modern attire with colourful Vogue sunglasses.

The scorching heat from the sun resulted in an improved quality of light for the photo-shoot session.

As seen in the shot, the accessories and shades are perfect for women who love to explore new places.

Grab these colourful Vogue VO2871S sunglasses to match the look of Deepika!

Vogue VO2871S

Deep Browns

The picture shows Deepika posing for the Vogue Eyewear photo-shoot in the blazing Dubai desert.

Deepika looks as elegant as ever, sporting the specially designed ‘Light and Shine’ shades from Vogue Eyewear.

The dark shades of Deepika match well with her brown coloured modern attire.

Grab these Vogue VO4002S sunglasses to look as stylish as Deepika!

Vogue VO4002S


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