The Best Of Jimmy Choo ’17

Jimmy Choo’s designs are intricate, feminine, elegant and playful. These characteristics run through his range of sunglasses, shoes as well as handbags.

If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses that shout style, you won’t go wrong with a pair of Jimmy Choo’s.

Here are 5 of his best sunglasses as well as ideas on how to combine them with his shoes and bags.


Dillan caged denim print sandals, Lydia vintage-effect pochette

The first set is a perfect mix of grey and gold. The glamorous JIMMY CHOO VIVY/S sunglasses add a bit of dazzle to your look.

You may want to keep these sunglasses as the highlight of your outfit, so pairing them with simple shoes and a clutch will help bring out the theme, but not compete for attention.

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Daphne pumps, Celeste small crystal logo clutch

The JIMMY CHOO ANDIE/S sunglasses, as with all things Jimmy Choo, are incredibly sophisticated.

The frame is not too heavy, and the gold and black combination really helps keep the look classy. The gold and black theme can be mimicked when choosing shoes and bags, keeping the look streamline.

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Sweetie Clutch, Jimmy Choo S/S 2012

If you have not yet fallen in love with Jimmy Choo yet, maybe a pair of JIMMY CHOO ORA/S will help nudge you in the right direction.

These sunglasses are the perfect combination of fun and stylish. There’s something so pleasant about the teal and gold combination, and it is made all the better with the frame design.

Match your shoes and bag with these colours, but also choose something that brings a bit of fun to the look.

You could even continue the colour theme through your outfit (but as an accent rather than central focus) to help tie the look together. Try a grey dress and a teal belt for example.

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Freya lace and suede lace-up booties, Milla metallic clutch

Most of the previous sunglasses have been quite simple and geometric in terms of form.

This pair of JIMMY CHOO ESTELLE/S sunglasses will get you reminiscing about lace and intricate detailing.

Not only are these frames stylish (of course they are – they are Jimmy Choos after all), but also quite feminine in form and detail. Match the look with some equally intricate shoes and perhaps a simple bag to balance it out.

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Celeste degrade glittered leather clutch, navy pumps

This pair of JIMMY CHOO LUDI/S is simple and straightforward. The bold frames are crisp but not too in-your-face (pardon the pun).

Probably the most simplest of designs so far. Easy to pair with any outfit because they won’t be competing for attention. Diva the look up with a more showy bag and heels.

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Whichever Jimmy Choo look you go for, enjoy it. The great thing about these designs is that they are quite varied in form, design and style, lending themselves to different occasions.

Of course, Jimmy Choo designs do not only have to be restricted to one piece. The more the merrier.

The great thing about creating a Jimmy Choo – inspired look for yourself is that the sunglasses, bags and shoes all can be very easily matched.

Like any other brand, remember to have fun with it. Do not be intimidated by the beautiful design (or the price tag), but rather embrace it and let your look be playful. If fashion was a game, my opinion is that you might as well make up your own rules.

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