Blogger Eyewear: Brogan Tate

Blogger and vlogger Brogan Tate gives tips on packing, moving house, job interviews and other lifestyle hacks, as well as beauty, travel and, of course, Disney.

Her down-to-earth, bubbly and friendly personality is reflected by her growing audience on social media, and she’s won a multitude of awards for her blog and YouTube channel.

Brogan’s pretty day-to-day style is perfect for those of us who want a bit of inspiration to revamp our wardrobes.

She takes casual and puts her personal spin on it – whether it’s with Disney-print trainers or a berry red lipstick, Brogan always manages to put together a simple, yet cute outfit.

Read on for our favourite looks from the stylish blogger!


Spring Style


Spring can’t seem to make its mind up here in the UK, but it’s always good to be prepared when those blissful rays of sun finally decide to peep out from behind those dreary clouds.

Think light, fresh and floral – sticking to bright or pastel colours can really inject a bit of frivolity into a winter wardrobe.

Brogan’s Instagram account (@brogantatexo) has many snaps of her recent trip to Antigua (wow, lucky girl!)

Her outfits always look great, and this floral top really shouts spring/summer. Paired with some sunnies, she’s definitely sending out beachy vibes!

Liking the look of those sunglasses? Try the Carducci Sun CD1052 below frames to steal her style!

Carducci Sun CD1052

Day-To-Day Casual


I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find my day-to-day wardrobe can get a bit repetitive. It’s always the same old jeans, a plain tee, maybe a pair of ankle boots – it’s sometimes tricky to refresh a casual look.

Taking inspiration again from Brogan, I’m loving how she’s ‘mixed up’ her day-to-day look with this most gorgeous coat. Blue jeans, converse, and of course a Disney striped top, everything just looks so ‘together’.

The pale blue of the coat ties in the other elements of her outfit while giving the outfit a finished look.

Another good tip I’ve picked up is how effective a belt can look. A nice top tucked into jeans shows
off a nice belt, and Brogan works it perfectly here with a star-print tee and ripped skinny jeans. So


Sartorial Stripes


Stipes is always a go-to staple piece to have in a wardrobe. They’re such a classic, timeless pattern,
taking you right through the year. For me, they’re an essential!

Brogan pairs them with her stripes with new glasses, which suit the shape of her face beautifully. Another fab casual look!

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Sigma SIG 127

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Summer’s next – it still seems so far away! But the high street shops are already decorating their stores with the next Spring/Summer 2018 trends.

Everything is starting to look a little bit more colourful. So, with that in mind, I’ve picked out the Polaroid PLD 6031/S sunnies for your next summer-style purchase!

Brogan wears a similar pair on holiday, and they’re a great way to inject a dab of colour into an outfit. Paired with a camisole top, some denim shorts and a pair of long earrings, you’d be all set for a day in the sun.

Grab them below!

Polaroid PLD 6031/S

A Night Out


Not all of us may be going to a red carpet event, but we can still dress as if we are, right?

Brogan treats the red carpet to a pretty black dress with lace detailing. Lace in all sorts of colours is really starting to hit the shelves now that spring is coming around, so if you haven’t already, be sure to pick a lacy number out for yourself, if that’s your style!

Brogan pairs the dress with black tights and boots, perfect for those evenings where it’s just that little bit too cold to go tight-less! The sleeve length is so flattering and the frilled shoulders are stunning!

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