Brand We Love: Ray-Ban

Where does Ray-Ban stand in the universe of fashion and lifestyle? Well, somewhere there in the clouds, an important star in our galaxy.

It is universally considered a trademark for elegance and modern style, as its products distinguish themselves from the rest because of their original and personalized features.

Well, this is not the story of the beautiful Ray-Ban sunglasses, it is about the health of your vision.

Long sightedness or short sightedness are common medical conditions in this abundance of smartphones and tablets.

Bottom line: stay tuned for a top collection of fashionable and effective Ray-Ban glasses.

Wayfarers as a Masterpiece

Inspired by design by the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, the Ray-Ban RX 5184 New Wayfarer is a classic and elegant unisex choice if you’re searching the best pair of glasses.

With shiny black frames and engraved logo on the temples, it offers you the option to choose between single vision or progressive lenses.

If you’re not convinced even now, let’s just tell you that out of the 75 reviews the overall score is 4.7/5. Perfection comes at a decent cost, only £85.17, so what are you waiting for?

The Majestic Clubmaster

Stunning and outstanding. There’s no other way to describe another pair of glasses inspired by its twin sunglasses beauty.

The Ray-Ban RX 5154 Clubmaster put the horn-rimmed design on a throne as the acetate frames shape an exquisite eyewear option for humans as a whole.

With an availability of single vision or progressive lenses and an overall score of 4.8 out of 31 customer reviews, this pair of glasses is the equivalent of Nadal or Federer in tennis

. It can’t get any better than this as this perfect design is at your disposal for only £85.17.

Aviators Reloaded

This is not a visual effect, it’s actually your best asset if you’ve always been a lover of the Aviators.

And it might become boring that these glasses are also inspired by their sunglasses counterpart, but it is actually 100% cool.

A new unisex product on our website, this item which is available to be bought in its silver, gold or light brown versions is more than a pair of glasses.

It certifies greatness and excellence through accurately-designed lenses and because it is outrageously protective and easy-to-wear.

Oval & Stylish

This full rim pair of glasses makes Ray-Ban what it has been for years: a secret killer.

Because it kills his opposition without flamboyance or opulence, it actually does the job with discrete and simple moves.

Let’s just look at the Ray-Ban RX 7075. Slim design, perfectly executed lenses and a magnificent look.

This is a must have item regardless of the outfit or the event, as it fits both office and formal and casual. You just need to buy it so you can feel the vibe.

Classic Protective

We would like to offer you another alternative if there is something different about your fashion taste.

A pair which reminds us of the past decades, which can be used if you want to get the geek effect or to complete an expensive suit from Armani or Prada.

It has three types of lenses available, as spring hinge lenses are the addition to the already mentioned ones. And with a 4.5 review from nine customers, we place the Ray-Ban RX5277 in the eyewear elite.

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