Chantelle Jeffries Instagram Sensation: Best Summer Eyewear

Chantelle Jeffries

The new Instagram sensation, that many of you have heard about without a doubt, is Chantelle Jeffries!

She is a model and DJ – Ceejay the DJ , who has become really famous for her previously rumoured relationship with Justin Bieber, bringing her followers to 4.1 million!

Her perfect body, sassy attitude, and a fantastic sense of fashion and style, has made her more loved than ever from the public which look at her as a big inspiration.

In fact, her DJ career has skyrocketed with Chantelle being one of the most searched DJ’s in the California area.

Big parties, luxury lifestyle and stylish outfits are her life trademarks and you can see it clearly in her Instagram feed…so why don’t we have a look?


The Wait is actually almost over 😩🤪❤️

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Chic Pool Time


Isn’t everything we do in life a way to be loved a little more?

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White bikini, golden jewellery and a pair of wrap around white sunglasses is the most chic look you can wear this summer!

Her gorgeous body and charming attitude make us a little bit envious, but it’s normal after all… we cannot be inspired without some kind of desire in our heart.

#totallook DW018

squared sunglasses white Chantelle Jeffries

#totallook DW018



Flower mood

New song alert ❤👀 feat @vory

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Gorgeous as always, in the snap above she is lip syncing to her new song. Her talent combined with her beauty makes her personality super cool.

In fact the casual look of the jeans and the white crop top, is so simple yet it looks amazing on her. The overall outfit is embellished by a pair of cat-eye sunglasses with flowers details : very  chic. They give her a more girlish edge and look like a precious accessory to add to your queen personality!

#totallook DW055

Chantelle Jeffries best cateye sunglasses

#totallook DW055



Beach Dream 1!

Colourful and ethnic swimsuit are a beautiful trend that celebs adore this year. Chantelle is fabulous in this “ethnic-Morrroco” swimsuit style matched with a pair of pink aviator sunglasses…she’s got the look for sure!

 Gant GA8058

Chantelle Jeffries pink aviator sunglasses

Gant GA8058



What a lifestyle!


Off to Napa with @lorealmakeup 💞#LashParadise #LorealPartner

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Luxurious lifestyle and super chic accessories are her trademark for sure. As we can see in the picture above she is drinking champagne and wearing some stylish ripped  jeans with a pair of squared futuristic sunglasses.

She is partnering with L’Oreal for makeup promotions and her career cannot be more satisfying than this!

If you want to feel a little bit more “posh” this summer try these Marc Jacobs MARC 213/S sunglasses, a real jewel of style.

Chantelle jeffries sunglasses

Marc Jacobs MARC 213/S


Beach Dream 2


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Another beautiful and cool outfit to copy  this summer, could be this sexy pink bikini with some side snares,  which give a confident touch to the already fab look.

The large cat-eye framed sunglasses are another must of the season… to flaunt in every beach you could make possible to go these days, a piece of evergreen fashion which will rescue you in every occasion!


#totallook DW016


Jeffries Chantelle best sunglasses

#totallook DW016


Let us know, in the comment section below, which of Chantelle Jeffries cool sunglasses do you like to try for this summer!

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