How To Simplify & Declutter Your Life

I used to think the more money and things I have, the happier and more fulfilled I become; I was wrong.

Of course I would love to be really rich but as I never had lots of money before, but it is just an illusion thinking that having much money will make me happy.

Because, one I am not skilled when it comes to living a rich life and two I know I would spend it all and come back to ground zero and start over.

So how do you simplify your life to have a happier one regardless of how much money you have?

Get Rid of Unnecessary Items

If you take a look at your closet or your life in general, you might find tons of things you never use but are afraid to lose. Why?

Because we have been injected by media and society that the more we have the happier we become.

Even if we are not in need. So do yourself a favor and ditch your unused stuff and give it to the people who need them the most.

I promise you would feel very satisfied by doping so. Yes, I meant doping, not doing as when you dope something good it becomes a habit and you get addicted to it.

Imagine being addicted to giving.

Last year I decided to ditch most of my clothes and things that I actually didn’t use. I managed to pack all my life in a suit case and a carry on bag.

It felt like I accomplished something great and it does feel so until today.

I got rid of most of my shoes, I sold all my CDs and memorabilia, and made sure to always be ready to evacuate if the situation needs be.

Since then my life is kind of like Julian Assange’s, He lives out of his suit case. He has the calmest most professional composure you can imagine.

He exposes the bad and spreads the good. But as any good politician he is viewed as a threat but I respect his authenticity, frankness and most of all his simple way of life.

Once you simplified your closet, your kitchen cupboard and the stuff in your trunk; It’s time to simplify the way you do things.

Stop Worrying

Start by eliminating worriness, not sure if there’s such a word but here you go a new English word to simplify your language.

Worrying is the enemy of all. I used to worry a lot to the point I couldn’t enjoy my very moment. Then I stopped and thought, why worry?

Whats the worst that could happen? Nothing. Let nature live, let live and live.

I can’t understand how people go to shrinks and chemists and spend millions on anti-depressants. They are wasting not only their money but their lives.

If you think about it, what are medications made of? Plants and stuff from the ground plus cancerous additives and some marketing fiasco on the package to convince you to buy their products.

See how naive we are, thinking that paying money for things that we delusionally believe are going to eliminate our pain or suffering or whatever?

Use Google

Google is the best thing ever happened to humanity. When I worked at Apple, a dialogue between me and a customer went like this;

Customer(C): “I have travelled 500 miles today to get my phone fixed. Can you please help me?”

Me: “Yes sure, whats wrong with it?”

C: “It won’t turn on.”

I then pressed the power and home buttons for 5 seconds and Voila. Phone is back to life.

C: “Oh how did you do that? I could have googled that and saved myself 500 mile trip.”

If you have some headache or depression or any sort of pain, use google and search for foods that cure such ailment.

If you have a problem, google the solution, google helped me be so very independent. It’s such a huge database of knowledge and advice about almost everything.

For example, when I face a problem at work or how to do something on excel, I google.

I even created my own small database at work because I couldn’t take it when people were shouting across the room,

They would go “how do you do this, how do you find that, where can I get this.” Now the office, thanks to me, is as quite as an empty church.

Stop & Think

To summarize, whatever you are doing, try and take a minute and stop and think. Is there a way I could do this any easier, faster or more efficient?

Can I save time, cost and effort if I do this another way?

When I started with Wella at P&G, the amount of paper wasted everyday in the bins drove me so mad that I had to voice my distress to my manager and he couldn’t help me.

So, I helped myself, him and the team by having everything on the computer in one database accessible by all.

If you have some advice and would like to share them; send me any ideas or experiences on how to do things better and easier; Sometimes the simplest things in life are free.

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