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Chris Evans is well known for playing Captain America and Human Torch in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In his new film, Gifted, he plays Frank Adler: an uncle who takes care of his Math genius niece, Mary, played by Mackenzie Grace.

Gone are the days from being a Harvard Hottie, the love interest of Scarlett Johansson in the Nanny Diaries, to the Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four; to a hopeless romantic trumpeter in his directorial debut: Before We Go.

We will deconstruct his style profile with matching or inspired SelectSpecs eyewear. There is a one word to describe his look, which is uber – clean cut.

Either this 36 year old is rocking the red carpet in a three piece suit, doing a press tour or wearing jeans and a fitted shirt with a baseball cap for his everyday errands.

He always opts for simple yet classic pieces, and has one of the most immaculate beards around in Tinseltown.

Breaking The Basics

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Chris Evans has a body building physique as required for his ongoing role as Captain America, but it doesn’t mean that a regular guy cannot copy his style. 

As we mentioned earlier, Evans uses his clean-cut onscreen persona to flow through onto his real world looks.

Rarely will you see the man in drab designer shirts which are oversized, over styled or adorned with rips or loud graphics.

It’s all about solid classic colors, strategic touches of pattern on accessories and an immense attention to grooming detail that gets Evans over the line. Usually he has matching sunglasses with his ensemble.

A lot of it does have to do with the physique as it’s hard not to look good in anything when you stand at 188 cm tall with a 47-inch chest. But we’d like to attribute some of it to a look we call ‘conservative cool.’

Tribute to the Captain

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Cruising the red carpet is always a crowning glory for Mr. Evans. Whenever he gets a chance, Chris likes to rock his three piece suit, less flashy than his Marvel counterpart, Robert Downey, Jr., who loves to wear one of a kind suits during these red carpet events. 

Normally, suits are bespoke items which sit snug with his body where it should and widen up to take in his upper body muscle mass where necessary.

Imagine a bodybuilder guy try an off the rack suit? It is like trying on a wetsuit where the blazer cannot button up and wrinkles appear everywhere.

It is a big no-no in men’s fashion. Follow the way of the Captain. Stick to tailor made pieces which work with your body’s natural curves.

Do it right and people will notice your powerful presence and not find you intimidating with all your awkward bulging bits on show.

The classic tux, the royal navy or the charcoal all form the cornerstone of a wholesome Evans colour ensemble.

Meanwhile, striped ties and polka dot pocket squares help to give the classic look a bit more kick. He is a superhero after all.

In some of his premieres, he would wear these wonderful pair of wayfarer style inspired, which SelectSpecs is selling.

When it is the time to kick on to an after party, Evans keeps things casual without dropping his game.

In this case, he will always wear a well-sorted tie and pair it with outerwear such as a light weight knit or leather jacket. He usually pairs it with a Ray-ban classic aviator sunglasses.

This breaks up the formality a bit without losing that clean cut appeal Evans has worked so hard to cultivate in Hollywood. Suit with tie, knitwear with tie, leather with tie. Many more options, same sophisticated look.

Lifting the Heavy Guns

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When it’s the weekend, Evans unwinds with notch collar or granddad style shirts made for supreme muscle fit.

If you’re going to have the body of Captain America, you may as well show off some serious guns, right? 

Simplicity is the key yet again. Solid colours like maroon, blue and white all do the job fine here. It’s not about statement pieces rather the entire package.

Boots are simple worn suede or leather items paired with light coloured trousers or chinos. Timberland boots will work fine in this case.

When the weather drops, simply throw over a well sorted cardigan with a cool emblem or small logo and you’re away. Or wearing a discreet baseball cap pairing it up with a trusty pair of sunglasses.

What makes this look easy is Evans’ clean hair styling and immaculate beard game. It’s never patchy and blends well with the rugged gentleman look. 

Chris Evans is definitely a hero in both on screen and offscreen.

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