Depeche Mode Electric Shades Decoded

Depeche Mode sunglasses style

The most dominant and best electronic band in the mainstream music scene is without doubt Depeche Mode. With their 36 year career, they have sold over 100 milion records worldwide and have been recognized by Q magazine as the most popular electronic band the world has ever known!

For all the Depeche Mode fans, their avant-gard music style and talent its also shown in their fashion choices which are endlessly stylish.

In fact their ’80 fashion vibe, fantastic leather jackets, fringes, God-fearin’ jewels and misterious sunglasses are the coolest look of the moment! Rock and a little bit gothic their style is absolutely perfect for giving your look at bit of an edge.

We have collected their most cool pictures from Instagram to help you be inspired by their super cool shades, which are the key to their always on point outfits.

Sexy Black

In this picture we can see their totally sexy all black look! The band is now ready for the Global Spirit tour, which will take part in all Europe and Russia. Although now the band is aging we cannot say the same for their energy and style, they still rock every performance, and of course, every outfit. The never missed black shades are the detail which make their style always modern and super cool.

If you want to steal Dave’s Gahan sex-appeal try the Gucci GG1133/S sunglasses, they will be like a precious jewel for your look.

Gucci Black sunglasses dave gahan inspo

Gucci GG1133/S

If you’re more attracted by Martin’s Gore look try the Carrera 6002 their thick black frame and new aviator shape  are perfect to rock every outfit this winter.

Carrera new aviator black sunglasses

Carrera 6002

If it is Andy’s Flatcher look to appeal you the most try the Podium Jasper, modern and sophisticated they’ll give you a dose of Andy’s confidence.

Black sunglasses squared

Podium Jasper


Mr.Gore Glasses

Everyone wish a Happy Birthday to Mr Gore! ? A photo posted by Depeche Mode (@depechemode) on

Martin Gore is the songwriter, lyrics and music maker of the band, what a talent indeed! The most famous pieces of the legendary group are created by his geniality. His favorite shades, which he cannot seem to go out without are some squared black super cool ones, that also Dave wears in many of their videos.

Try this Persol PO2747S (polarized) if you want to feel the rock-vintage vibe of Martin and Dave, coolness overload!

squared black sunglasses persol

Persol PO2747S (polarized)

I Feel You, released in the UK on this day in 1993. #ModeMonday

A video posted by Depeche Mode (@depechemode) on


Dream on…

“Dream On” video shoot. Photographer: Richard Bell #DepecheModeArchives A photo posted by Depeche Mode (@depechemode) on

During the video shoot of “Dream on” Dave Gahan wears a pair of light blue aviator shaped sunglasses, making him look cooler than ever!

Try the light blue DAVIDOFF 97550 if you want to copy Dave’s fantastic look, they will make you feel the super confident attitude of the famous Depeche Mode front-man.

davidoff sunglasses light blue


For those of you who just can’t get enough of Depeche Mode’s style, which better music video than Personal Jesus to look at?! Here is their super stylish look and cool sunglasses to copy.

Tell us in the comment section below which of their sunglasses you would like to wear and share with us your opinion about their style.

 For more 80’s style inspiration check out Marc Jacob’s 80’s inspired sunglasses!

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