Dog Walking Fashion

Dog Walking Best Dressed

I don’t know about you, but I’m not particularly fashionable when I take my dog for walk. I usually chuck on some old leggings and a huge jumper, before pulling on my five-year-old wellies and running out of the house.

I really couldn’t care less if I was wearing make-up or if my hair looks like a matted birds nest.

However lately, I have seen some gorgeous photos on Instagram of some Bloggers and YouTubers rocking some super cute and stylish outfits whilst walking their pooches.

It has given me some inspiration for how I could inject some easy style into my usual dog walking outfit.

Keep reading below for some great inspiration.


How cute is this Amelia’s little dog Duke? The outfit isn’t too bad either.

We love her relatively simple get elegant outfit.

The pinstripe dress is very much in fashion at the moment, and looks very chic worn with some white mid-heeled shoes and the white Karl Lagerfeld clutch bag.

Perhaps not the most practical outfit for walking long distances, but great if you’re planning to visit somewhere fancy.

Grab Amelia’s aviator sunglasses look with the Ray-Ban RB3558.

These sunglasses are a classic staple which any discerning dog walker should have in their wardrobe.

They will go with any outfit and will never go out of fashion. The modern silver styling makes these sunnies even more special – they’re so pretty.

 Ray-Ban RB3558
Ray-Ban RB3558

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Aww Reggie the Greyhound.

Estee proves here that casual dog walking clothes can also look super trendy if you do it right.

Black Converse trainers are a classic choice which are super comfortable but also look really cool.

The slightly cropped black trousers are very much in trend and look fantastic teamed with her jumper with neon detailing.

An addition of a cap is another easy way Estee brings her outfit right up to date.

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Zoella’s pug Nala is looking really stylish too in this picture.

We love his little red neckerchief and matching lead – super cute!.

Zoella looks great too – her high-waisted black and white stripe ankle grazing trousers are the standout piece in the outfit, and elevate this relatively simple look to something special.

The khaki parka jacket is also a staple piece which is useful to have in your wardrobe – perfect for windy walks on the beach.

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Suzie’s dog Nala is also super cute – she is part Chihuahua and part Pomeranian if you were wondering.

Suzi is rocking a classic look here with the jeans and cardigan combo.

The look is made really feminine with the pale pink colour of the cardigan and with the gorgeous embellished sandals.

The ripped jeans are also super on-trend this year, and prevent the outfit from appearing too ‘dressy.’

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Aw Lola the Mini Aussie is adorable.

Especially with that neckerchief.

Kimberley is wearing a super simple but really trendy outfit, combining some distressed biker jeans with white trainers and a black hooded coat.

The addition of black aviator sunglasses adds an extra touch of glamour to the look.

Just shows you that some of the simplest outfits are the best.


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