Tupac Shakur Inspired Fashion

A social activist through rap, a controversial figure by any means, with charges such as assault, and death by 4 gun shots in a drive by, but he still has an allure and wisdom in his lyrics. His fame and appeal still continue over 20 years after his death.

His music is an anthem of strength for the oppressed underdog, and his words, character and ideals aren’t the only thing that was legendary, his fashion sense was too.

A true fashion icon of the 90’s that’s legacy still holds weight in fashion circles, today.

So with the new Tupac movie “All Eyez on Me” the untold story, currently in cinemas, here’s a look at some fashion inspiration moments from both the movie and his life.

Thug Life

A thug life beanie, layered denim, and a cheeky smile, pair with some lyrical deliberation specs (seen below), and the swagger required to carry it all off.

The layered look is one you will see mirrored in several of the looks here, as it was a signature of the 90’s and specifically of the rap and R&B scenes.

It is still a look popular today; try pairing a chambray shirt with a basic or graphic tee and a blazer or military inspired hooded jacket.

Don’t forget these understated oval glasses.

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Hooded Legend

Fashion played a huge part in authenticating #AllEyezOnMe. Have you seen it yet?

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The nose ring, the heavy bling chain, the hoodie up under the jeans jacket and the brooding stare, pair with some round sky blue sunnies for the epitome of the Tupac vibe.

Mad lyrical prowess optional.

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Bandanna This

The Tupac bandanna if anything, is the signature piece, with it’s paisley print and vibrant tones.

As was his statement jewelry, think large, extravagant and gold, but still classic.

As long as you tie your bandanna correctly, go with your colour of choice.

We recommend red, black or white to match with most outfits, and be authentic to the vibe.

Don’t forget some classically statement specs, like the Armanis below.

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Old School Swag

As a black man, PAC knew both his struggles and his successes were greater than himself. #AllEyezOnMe

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Hoodie, graphic tee, embellished jeans, backpack, and what are now, retro headphones.

Everything is oversized and makes a statement, right down to these golden Ray-Bans. We ain’t mad at them.

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Bling it Up

Now bring on the swagger, layered chains, unbuttoned crisp emblazoned shirts, sparkling gems, the signature goatee, and a pinkie ring.

It’s all in the details, down to these bougie two toned sunglasses.

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The Philosopher

His goal was to target stereotypes and bring on deeper thought into the world we live in and it’s injustices

. Channel this philosophical lyrical genius in layers, with a plaid cream blazer with matching shirt over a basic tee, the signature bedazzled cross, the shaved head and oval golden glasses, the over the top jewelry, and the acid wash jeans.

Get similar sunnies here and channel the chill vibes.

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