Essential Eyewear Accessories

Autumn and winter are seasons for rocking darker shades of colour. Think shades of grey, browns, blacks and reds. But, now that we are heading into Summer, as wet or sunny as it may turn out to be, we can start to break out brighter colours from our wardrobes and experiment with different styles.

One area which should not be neglected in this change of season are your accessories. Outfits can either be made or broken by your choice of style.

This season’s trendy colour palette include bright colours of fuchsia and yellow.

Geometric shapes, stripes, 70’s patterns and an “ugly-beautiful style” are also trending in fashion.

Bearing this in mind, we have found three eyewear accessories to help you stand out this Summer:

1. Lens Cases

Lens cases are a functional necessity for most of us who wear glasses, particularly if you have to wear prescription frames.

No one likes to find their favorite pair of sunnies or everyday glasses scratched, or worse, crushed.

Especially when you are paying for prescription lenses on top of the frame cost, minor damages can add up.

Keeping your eyewear safe and scratch free is sensible and cost effective.

That being said, there is no excuse for buying a boring case. I recommend trying to find an old or vintage lens case either online or in thrift stores to create a hipster, ugly-beautiful fashion statement.

2. Cleaning Cloths

If you’re going for colour blocking with your case, why not go for a contrasting patterned or geometric style for your lens cloth?

Gone are the days of using the standard, yet boring glasses cloth that comes with your prescription glasses.

Get yourself a funky cloth and you’ll be wanting to clean your glasses all the time. Not to mention, the exclamations from friends and family you’re guaranteed to get.

Finding cleaning cloths that are exciting and fashionable can be difficult – especially when most glasses already come with a cloth.

I recommend searching your local fabric store or market for some bright colourful fabric that you can cut down to make your own customized cloths.

Remember to get a soft material so that you don’t scratch your lenses. Use a pair of zigzag scissors to prevent fraying, and you’re ready to go. Friends will be placing orders with you in no time.

3. Neck Straps

Whilst the idea of wearing a cord or lens strap may fill you with horror and visions of elderly people with chains on their glasses, this accessory may be very useful if you are the type of person who enjoys an active Summer holiday.

Neck straps are usually made of a taught elastic or thick material which is fastened around the back of your head or neck.

Helping to keep your glasses in place on your face, but also prevent them from falling off and getting broken or lost.

Whether that be hiking, biking, water sports or anything else, having a strap attached to your sunglasses means that you don’t run the risk of losing them while you’re enjoying yourself.

Complete the Look

Now that you have your accessories down, get ready to hit summer with all the fashionable pzzazz you have.

If your sunglasses are looking a little shabby, not to worry, SelectSpecs has the latest on-trend Summer ’17 sunglasses.

For example these Chloe CE114S clear framed sunglasses are set to be the next big thing:

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Other Summer eyewear trends include geometric square sunglasses and statement aviators, so no matter what style you choose this season, you can be sure that SelectSpecs will have a pair of sunglasses to suit your style, taste and budget.

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