Fashion bloggers top eyewear for winter 2020

Winter is now here! And besides the cold, we cannot complain about this cozy season which, like no other, allows us to give free rein to our creativity in fashion.

We can finally indulge in the mix and match of our favourite pieces, colours and different materials from plaid, cotton to fur and leather.

Another important accessory that must not be missing this year are the sunglasses, strictly dark but of different styles and shapes.

Precisely, glasses are that magic touch that makes any look mysterious and captivating … our favourite bloggers certainly know something about it, and they don’t give up to highlight this detail in any shot of their Instagram profile.

So let’s have a look of the latest sunglasses trends for this winter from our most loved bloggers!

Caroline Vreeland


Caroline Vreeland, the niece of the famous fashion editor Diana Vreeland, never stops to amaze us with her Parisian chic look.

Her style and boldness makes us think that Diana V. passed down her creativity and keen eye to her great-granddaughter, for sure.

In the snap above the contrast between the colours of pink and black make her look dramatic, and her favourite/ always very seductive cat-eye glasses could not have been missed for this French look.

Guess GU7565

Eleonora Carisi


Eleonora is one of the most loved Vogue influencers, in fact her looks are shown in the famous fashion magazine, quite frequent.

Her dark but at the same time romantic style, makes her unique among the various bloggers! In terms of style Eleonora Carisi can teach us a lot.

In the photo above the play between the feminine and masculine look is very accentuated, the elegance of her style lies precisely in this.

Polaroid PLD 4060/S

Androgynous look


One of the most sought looks for this winter is definitely the androgynous look, both male and female.

As we saw with Eleonora the lines between feminine and masculine style are completely blurred, and everyone can enjoy wearing both gender eyewear style and dare a little bit more this winter.

Nifties NI9798

Kristina Bazan


Another French style lover blogger, is Kristina Bazan. Her glam rock style has fascinated more than 2 milions followers, who literally follow her devoutly even in her most artistic endeavors like singing and writing.

She can be considered one of the most famous digital influencers in the world and she was also ranked by Forbes as one of the most influential “30 under 30” personalities of 2016. Quite impressive achievements for a 24 year old girl, isn’t it? But as we already said, we are more impressed about her looks, super chic and elegant.

For this winter Parisian chic is the absolute must, as you can guess from all bloggers favorites looks and eyewear…those dark oval cat-eye shades, cannot let you go very far without being notice for sure!

And who doesn’t like a little bit of attention in this grey winter?

Ralph Lauren RL8176

Let us know in the comment section below, which of these fab sunglasses will be your choice for this winter time.

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