Top Unisex Eyewear Pieces You Need

Gender fluid, genderless, no gender, transgender, non-gendered, unisex: all words to define a relatively new concept that is sweeping the fashion sector.

From unisex collections to mixed men’s and women’s catwalk shows, the fashion industry is experiencing a revolution.

Genderless is now a hot trend and is redefining the rules.

The gender lines are blurring, where only sizing and small details make the difference.

It’s a reflection of modern times, given the number of new brands born out of this new gender neutral focus – such as Avoc, Lucio Vanotti and J. W. Anderson.

But, the genderless trend isn’t a new concept.

Androgynous style was pioneered during the 20th century by certain pop culture celebrities and design houses, from Chanel to Yves Saint Laurent.

However, now the trend is more mainstream and accepted out on the street.

So now that you’re not bound by gender, a whole host of new eyewear options have opened up.

We’ve highlighted a few of our favourite styles below.

Many styles are neutral in appearance, though daring designs with decorative temples can blur the line between genders.


Uncompromising, premium and only available online – it’s the @ Collection // Link in bio

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Ray-Ban offers many gender neutral styles including its Aviator, Wayfarer and Clubmaster styles.

The brand is perfect for women who don’t want to look too girly, as Ray-Ban tends not to use gender bound colours in its range of sunglasses and glasses.

Ray-Ban is well know for their edgy looks as an iconic brand that sets trends rather than following them.

We love the Ray-Ban RX5154 Clubmaster, available in different shades of black, red and brown.

Round Frames

Retro looking, small, and round glasses and sunglasses are a strong eyewear trend at the moment which also happens to be a gender neutral style.

For this style, sunglasses are often accented with tinted lenses in blue, light brown, or even yellow.

Not only is the style a key trend for 2017, but it also has the coolness factor.

Go too bright, however, and the trend will be more associated with a feminine look.

The John Lennon JOS59 round frames in blue/grey are a great choice of gender neutral eyewear.


Semi-Rimless or Rimless

A great gender neutral style is a rimless or semi-rimless option, with the lenses cut in oval shapes.

This trend is all over eyewear collections at the moment and is very in keeping with the latest trend.

It’s also a great way to introduce the retro vibe into your look.

The rimless Infinity 1266 style can be ordered in three colours: brown, black or gunmetal.

The grey colour and medium-sized lenses make it wearable by both men or women who want a clean, modern look.

Geek Chic

A trusty thick, dark frame – also known as the ‘geek chic’ glasses – will never let you down.

Flattering and stylish, the square shape and neutral colour of these glasses means that they are usually always a unisex style. 

The Hallmark E9855 prescription glasses suit both men and women.

Available in black and dark blue, the unisex design features a slim-line full rim frame, oversized square lenses and lightweight temples for all day long comfort.


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