Get the Look: The Sexy Librarian

Have you ever walked into a library, whether because you can’t get enough of those little papery things called books, or just wanted to borrow that obscure academic tome for that tricky university essay, only to be struck by how good-looking the woman behind the counter is?

She’s probably got the stereotypical look of the “sexy librarian”. But why is it so special, and how can a woman achieve it with the careful use of spectacles?

What makes the sexy librarian… well, sexy?

Lady librarians are, these days, often associated in the public’s mind with sex appeal – much like, for example, nurses and firefighters. But why?

It’s probably largely because they are relatively common, making them a more obvious object of sexual fantasies. Furthermore, bookish types tend to be relatively unassuming and subtle, giving them an irresistible air of mystery.

We say “bookish types” because it isn’t strictly just librarians who can have the unmistakable “sexy librarian” look. Just check out this scene from film noir classic The Big Sleep, with the alluring bookshop proprietor played by Dorothy Malone. (No wonder Humphrey Bogart’s character seems impressed!)

We can help you to choose the right glasses!

If you are a woman interested in emulating this look, we would advise that you get hold of dark-rimmed spectacles. There’s hardly a shortage of them available from SelectSpecs – there is even a page of our website dedicated to reading glasses.

Aim for rectangular frames, like the ones pictured below. At only £22.50 it would certainly get librarians talking and not shhhing, click on the image to learn more about the frames or order online.


Oval frames also have a certain librarian look about them, like these one’s below.  The shape of the frame work well at framing your eyes, but be quick – these ones are low in stock!


Now, what to accessorise your glasses with?

Obvious though it may sound, you should try carrying a book with you whenever you can. Make sure, however, that the cover is more plain than decorated, as you could otherwise draw too much attention to the book and not enough to you. Also, wear some jewellery! We emphasise the word “some” – you need to remember to keep things subtle. Simple earrings and a modest pearl necklace would be good. As for clothes, start with a plain shirt, then try some dark tights and heels.


You could have many ideas of your own for becoming a “sexy librarian” – in which case, why not share them, using the comments box below?

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