Glasses + Hay Fever: Coping Strategies

Do you just feel like constantly rubbing your eyes and nose when no one is watching? As you may already know, Hay fever season is well under way. That unwanted dreaded allergy, which can be irritating as well as debilitating for sufferers.

Even though you might love the sunshine accompanied with vitamin D, this season is certainly not your favorite time of the year.

What the Symptoms Feel Like  

If you suffer from symptoms of a streaming runny nose, itchy eyes and non-stop sneezing that could start from as early as February in some cases lasting well into late summer, it means you are likely to have hay fever.

Dry, red, swollen, watery eyes, a prickly sensation and to top all of these up you might have a blocked nose accompanied with endless sneezing and in some people breathing difficulties.

You’ve searched inside out for your most cherished Dior, Oliver Peoples or Ray Ban pair of glasses that you tucked away in a drawer since last summer. And when you eventually find them, and just want to enjoy wearing them, you just can’t stop rubbing your precious eyes.

Coping While Wearing Lenses

Did you know that on a hot summer day the pollen count is normally high in the morning and the evening? Sunglasses could protect your eyes against pollen entering your eyes, as well as protecting them from UV rays.

If you are one that sneezes repetitively, then that nose bridge irritation will leave you with a very sore nose. Tension around the nose and eyes is a lot to put up with.

Some people dread summer because of hay fever. It is such a pain having to regularly remove glasses to place them back on your face immediately.

Solving the Dilemma

1. Keep your specs glued to your eyes or invest in hay fever glasses.

2. Lift your glasses or completely remove them should you need to rub your eyes. It is possible that you will be required to constantly remove them and place them back on to relieve the tension. Try to avoid rubbing them if you can.

3. If you wear prescription glasses the same scenario applies. Wear them if you must all the time to keep that fluffy pollen at a distance.

4. Visit your GP or local pharmacy and pick up some eye drops, nasal spray and antihistamine tablets for relief.

5. Wash your hands thoroughly since hygiene is paramount. Rub a little bit of Vaseline around your eyelids to shield them from pollen, but your glasses could slip off your nose bridge. Then gently put your glasses on.

6. Although tempting, avoid rubbing your eyes. If you must rub them, gently slip them off on both sides then wipe your eyelids down with a clean wet tissue.

7. If the pollen count is likely to be high on the day, wear your prescription glasses before leaving home in the morning and avoid looking directly into the sun.

Our eyewear designers specialize in fitting full brim sunglasses that cover the main parts of your eyes, stopping pollen from filtering through.

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