Sunglasses: Essential Post-Laser Eye Surgery

We all know a person who doesn’t love wearing glasses and prefers contact lenses. Sometimes, specs makes us look like high school nerds or just doesn’t suit us. Technology has evolved so that now, everyone can get rid of the ‘’burden’’ of glasses with laser eye surgery is an option.

According to, there are two conditions which are necessary for the surgery to take place, apart from money: you have to be age 21 or over and your prescription should not have changed for at least two years.

LASIK is the most common surgical procedure undertaken on patients who would like to correct long sight (hypermetropia) and short sight (myopia).

It is pain-free and you only have to relax and let the laser do its job. After the surgery which usually takes up to 10 minutes, there are some guidelines for every patient.

As stated by, a common post procedure issue is represented by dry eyes, potentially experienced by patients in the following days and months after the operation.

Artificial tears are the best option as they are designed to improve the acuity of your vision.

Why Do You Need Sunglasses?

You might take it as a fashion advice from the surgeon, but post-surgery, you will be asked to wear dark colored sunglasses for the first few days after the operation.

This is vital as your eyes will be sensitive to light generated by light bulbs, TVs, or any source of artificial light.

It might seem unnatural, but it doesn’t matter if you travel on the train or will watch your favorite series on a flat 40-inch LED TV.

Wearing sunglasses is a must if you care about your health and want to improve the progress of your recovery.

Now, let’s talk about options. If you are in love with the cool style of the Ray-Ban sunglasses, why don’t you try the Ray-Ban RB4165 Justin?

It has dark-colored lenses which will protect your eyes and will leave you feeling super sleek. With a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, it doesn’t seem to be too much if you invest £74.47 for this item.


Instead of over-thinking, there is another choice for the fashion icon who wants to rock every look.

Oakley OO9102 HOLBROOK (Standard) is one of the top options as we are all in love with the shades from a brand like Oakley.

Apart from top reviews, with 4.3 stars out of 5, it is also affordable and your budget won’t be affected with more than £74.40. Go for gold and get this pair from Oakley.


Let’s be honest. You can use the pair of sunglasses you wear on a daily basis or during your summer holidays.

But, if you are a lady and your recovery is a part of your lifestyle, hit the jackpot with the Furla SU4979. The dark-colored lenses ensure good protection for your eyes while the pair remains stylish and cool. If you want to go nuts, the pair is £120.58


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