Guide: Specs For Every Age

At times we may find ourselves struggling to look our age, whether feeling frumpy or like our style isn’t quite reflecting our personality, here are some great guidelines on how to keep your eyewear current and on trend at any age, while looking age-appropriate, and we’ll even throw in some fashion tips too. Get reading.


Your teens are about experimenting and finding your personal style for the first time (you probably won’t get it right, but that’s the beauty of being so young), give trends a whirl and see what works for you.

These perfectly round specs are a great staple shape that can be placed into many different style aesthetics; hipster, steampunk or preppy.


The financial struggle is real for most 20 somethings, so the key here is versatile pieces that can take you from class or work into an evening out. Staples, you can play up or down, like these on-trend aviator specs. Casual chic paired with your favourite accessories.


Your 30’s are about accumulating quality basics, wardrobe must-haves and classic pieces that will last a lifetime and won’t go out of style in a couple of years. These beautiful Miu Miu cat eye glasses tick all those boxes. A time to build and focus on career and relationships, so you definitely need to be on top of your game, keep your attire #girlboss appropriate.


Your forties are a time to rediscover yourself, to avert a mid-life crisis, and to truly and fully come into your own. It is not time to let go of your youthfulness just yet, but really just to upgrade it. These club master reminiscent specs are a fine example of this, trend-chasing is beyond you, but these glasses are a new take on an old shape. With clothes try a youthful print like tropical or a metallic tone, and a flattering, classic silhouette.


Dubbed the new thirty, your 50’s are all about you, so indulge yourself. Do the things you always wanted to do, including your fashion dreams, always wanted to try a certain colour or shape but were too worried it was too much for you? Stop taking yourself so seriously and go for it, stay classy though, and these simple yet elegant specs will complement nearly any look.


Time to retire and live it up, travel and see the world, or curl up with a good book and a bottle of wine for the foreseeable future. Don’t use it as an excuse to let go of your stylish self though, these vibrant glasses are a great example of how it’s done, go for a trending colour, while keeping the shape classic and within your comfort zone.

While we are being every age inclusive, let’s get every size inclusive too, click here for plus size eyewear hacks to look your best in your specs.

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