How to Pull off the Glasses and Evening Wear Look

Formal occasions are notoriously difficult to dress for, and when you add glasses to the mix, it can be even harder. Men don’t need to worry – they simply throw on a suit with their specs and look like Clark Kent. However, women often feel that glasses don’t go with a fancy ensemble and prefer to wear contact lenses instead. While lenses are a great solution, we think that glasses wearers should embrace the spectacle look, whatever the occasion!

To pull off glasses with evening wear, take inspiration from these red-carpet celebrities and be the beautiful, bespectacled belle of the ball.

Match your Glasses to your Dress

Rashida Jones glasses

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For a chic and sophisticated look, glasses wearers can opt for a pair of glasses that match their outfit. A little black dress will look absolutely amazing a pair of simple black frames, or do as Rashida Jones did and get colour-coordinated. We love her dark blue dress and matching specs, which are similar to the Celine CL 41364. A co-ordinating look is perfect for formal occasions and makes your glasses an intentional part of your outfit.

Celine CL 41364

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Make your Glasses the Star of your Outfit

Carey Mulligan Round Glasses

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Alternatively, get bold and go for a statement look with your glasses. Think of them as an accessory, just like a killer pair of heels or a great handbag and use them to add a pop of colour or an interesting contrast to an outfit. We would recommend keeping other accessories simple if you choose this look, to let your glasses really do the talking. On the red carpet, Carey Mulligan choose a unique pair of glasses for her latest look, teaming a sixties-inspired outfit with a quirky, retro pair. Get a similar style with the Opposit TM507V.

Opposit TM507V

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Choose a Dressier Style

Glasses are extremely affordable these days, especially if you buy them online, so it’s not uncommon to have more than one pair (or even four or five!). If you have a dressy occasion on the horizon and you’re stressing about what glasses to wear, why not treat yourself to a new pair? Choose a style that’s fancier than your usual look and that will complement formal outfits and accessories.  How about the elegant William Morris WL9912 with decorative, winged frames or the fabulous Miu Miu 03LV cat’s eye glittery glasses?

Miu Miu MU03LV

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Enhance Your Eyes with Makeup

Erin Heatherton Glasses

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Ladies, we all know that getting dressed up for a special occasion isn’t just about what you wear. Makeup is just as important. If you’re wearing your glasses for an evening event, you can go all-out bold with your eye make-up. This will bring together your whole look and draw attention to your peepers. Outline your eyes with heavy eyeliner, like Erin Heatherton, or get your sparkle on with shimmering eye shadows.

Own the Look!

At the end of the day, whatever glasses you choose, the best way to wear them is with confidence! As the celebs have shown us, glasses can look stylish and sophisticated with evening wear so don’t worry what others think – just dress up in your best outfit and wear your glasses with pride.

Do you wear your glasses for formal occasions or do you still prefer to pop in a pair of contacts?

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