Radiography of Style: Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx is one of the most privileged performers in the world. In tennis terms, we call it the Career Grand Slam, whereas for football we call it the European Double.

Never mind, let’s talk about our hero who actually managed to win the Academy Award for his performance in Ray and the Grammy for his outstanding work in music production.

We are already impressed by this world-class icon, but what about his style?

Well, you won’t be disappointed as his outfits and accessories are a good example of how to dress properly for any occasion.

Today, we celebrate the talent of Jamie Foxx: the fashion icon.

Pride & Elegance

Wearing a suit seems like a nightmare for so many, but Jamie is a natural killer when it comes to elegance.

His two-piece suits shine and are just spectacular and flamboyant.

I mean, we all love the classic black suit, but these polka dots add an extra special ingredient to the party as Jamie caught the eyes of all at the movie premiere of Baby Driver. 

Although his music and lifestyle won’t transform suits into a mandatory accessory, he loves putting on a slim-fit shirt and some Oxford shoes to make us all envious.

Casual American Style

What we love about Jamie’s style is that he doesn’t want to pose into something different than his profile.

This guy is an extrovert, an R&B and Hip-Hop singer, and producer, and his casual style is 100% American.

The leather jacket and tailored jeans don’t tell the whole story as his modern sneakers are the epitome of coolness.

Underneath the jacket, Jamie layered with a beautiful stripped T-shirt.

We also can’t ignore the chromatic effect with the dominance of blue, red, and white; colors which mark the importance of American nationalism in modern fashion.

This outfit can be used for a wide range of events, such a party in the club, a tennis match at the US Open, or just an afternoon spent under the lights of the American sun.

Bad-Boy Material

Imposing a bad-boy look is Jamie Foxx’s mission on this planet and he does it with style.

In order to get this mission accomplished, it requires courage and unique style.

A relaxed pair of jeans and an exquisite colored T-shirt are not enough.

Add the right ”cool as ice” attitude and an ”explosive” pair sunglasses to put the icing on the cake.

It’s no wonder why he managed to deliver 5 stars performances as Ray Charles and Django in just a few years.

Jamie is a natural act and a professional bad-boy.

Affordable Shades

Jamie Foxx is one celebrity who promotes a sunglass brand, designed to deliver stylish shades for the masses.

Prive Revaux is the magic name and we are stunned by the quality of these products as they offer an innovative design, dark-colored frames, and special lenses, all for less than $30.00.

When it comes to the British market, we offer you an alternative to these grandiose and commanding sunglasses: Superdry SDS – HIGHBROW.

The mix of Japanese and American influence can be felt in the tremendous design of the item as the bridge is similar to the one promoted by the Prive Revaux oval-shaped sunglasses.

The smoky lenses and matte black frames will get you on cloud nine, alongside Jamie.


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