Jennifer Aniston’s Top Tips for Combating Dry Eye


There are many reasons to love Jennifer Aniston, from her classy sense of style to her enviable eyewear (she is undoubtedly the queen of specs). But the reason why we’re crushing on her right now is her complete and total relatability as a human being. That’s right, Jen An = just like us. And how do we know this? Because Jen has been a long time sufferer of chronic dry eye.

She recently teamed up with Eyelove to promote the importance of getting your dry eyes checked out, highlighting that the best thing to do is to see an eye doctor. And she even shares her top 3 tips for combating dry eye syndrome at home…

According to Jen’s collaboration with Eyelove, these are the 3 tips to follow if you have dry eye:

1. Reduce Display Time

We all know by now that computers, tablets and mobiles can cause irritation and damage to our eyes, so this will come as no surprise. Social media and text addicts will need to restrict their usage if they want to improve their eye health and as Jennifer Aniston herself said, “It surely impacts our eyes”. Take a leaf out of Jen’s book and spend time away from the digital world. She also recommends antiglare protector for screens, to reduce glare when using devices in the daytime.

2. Use Eye Drops Sparingly

Whilst eye drops can be great for temporary relief, they should only be used on occasion and should never be seen as the solution. Jen knows the score because she used to be an eye drop addict herself, claiming, “I used artificial tears from the moment I awoke until the moment I went to bed. And if I left the house without them, I would panic.”

Instead of relying on eye drops to keep your eyes hydrated, it’s important to visit your eye doctor for advice on how you can manage chronic dry eye for the long term. Eye drops are strictly for short term relief and Jennifer now manages her symptoms by avoiding makeup that causes irritation to her sensitive eyes.

3. Don’t Forget Your Vitamins

A healthy diet is definitely something we advocate for better eye health. But if you’re a picky eater or worried that you aren’t getting enough nutrients, try taking supplements instead. Jennifer Aniston is a big fan of taking fish oil which is jam-packed with omega 3, a fatty acid that could assist with dryness. Omega 3 is also known to help with overall vision too, so it’s a good all rounder for improving eyesight performance.

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