Let Them Eat Cake! Marie Antoinette Sunglasses Inspo

marie antoniette inspo sunglasses

If you love the to be decadant and chic for your everyday fashion choices Marie Antoniette’s look is ideal.Her extravagant, pompous style now is revisited with a strong grunge twist, perfect for the most chic parties!

Wildfox has chosen for their 2014 eyewear campaign a remake of 2006, Sofia Coppola’s movie Marie Antoniette, presenting us with a collection of sunglasses to wear like a jewel.

Be inspired by the sunglasses shown below and let your inner princess shine bright!

Pink All Over

sunglasses marie antoniette inspo

Image Credit: Wildfox

Here we see the model Emma Stern Nielsen, immersed in a room full of delicious cakes dressed in all pink! But the most awesome accessory are her big pink sunglasses that makes us even more infatuated with her look.

Try this  JOOP Eyewear 87228 if you want to look sweet and delicious everywhere you go.

pink sunglasses marie antoniette inspo

JOOP Eyewear 87228

Romantic Dark Specs

black specs marie antoniette insp.

Image Credit: Wildfox

Black squared framed optical glasses are the most chic accessory you can ever wear! The dark look can be balanced with a romantic choker and  pompous hair.

If you want to copy her look try this Savannah 2444, they will be the ultimate fashion item in your wardrobe.

black squared framed sunglasses

Savannah 2444

Queen B Sunglasses Style

queen sunglasses style

Image Credit: Wildfox

The queen attitude is everything in the pic above. If you want to be a queen you have to feel it first, and these black and white round shaped sunglasses will help you for sure!

Try this close match: Prada PR29QS, to channel your inner diva.

Black and white studs oval sunglasses

Prada PR29QS

These Miu Miu MU13 NS are also perfect for adding a chic, sophisticated touch to your outfit.

black round oval shaped sunglasses

Miu Miu MU13 NS


queen inspo sunglasses

Image Credit: Wildfox

Florals and pink details are the main theme of this look, girlish and funny it’s absolutely awesome. Like we saw in all the fashion shows, glitter is the best trend to make you feel like a little princess.

If you want to have her romantic style try this: MIU MIU MU10NS(1/3) they are perfect if you have a minimal style and want to add an eccentric detail to your look to make you feel irresistible.

glitter sunglasses


Eccentric in Blue

queen sunglasses style

Image Credit: Wildfox

Another pair of queen-worthy sunglasses are these big blue squared framed ones. They’re eccentric, colorful and so fun to wear with every outfit, from your daily look to your wildest party they are simply perfect for every occasion.

Try these blue Juicy Couture JU 580/S sunglasses, they will make you feel indisputably the fashion queen of every occasion!

Blue squared framed juicy couture sunglasses

Juicy Couture JU 580/S

Let us know which of the above sunglasses do you like the most and if Marie Antoniette fashion style is appealing you, in the comment section below.

All image credits to Wildfox.com

 The best inspriation comes from the most unexpected places, steal Barbie’s style here for the hottest shades!

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