Life Hack: Tips For Maximum Productivity

Picture this. You have a ton of things on your to-do list.

From school work to group projects, unanswered e-mails from clients and colleagues, household chores and errands, all demanding your attention. Staring at your screen for long periods of time, whether it is your mobile phone or your laptop, can leave your eyes strained.

Staying focused and on task can prove to be extremely difficult.

In the midst of these things, our brains cannot focused on so many things at once.

Recent studies published by Harvard Research show that our attention spans are getting worse by the day, some shorter than a goldfish.

Our brains are considered to be the most powerful, but when pulled in many directions at once, our ability to focus on the task at hand becomes limited. Multitasking sounds cool in our job description or abilities, but this means the quality of our work and relationships suffer.

Staying focusing in the task at hand means you can be a better worker, and better partner.

According to the authorities at Harvard, there are a few ways, if you are feeling unfocused that can help you stay focused.

1. Know Your ABC’s

This trick was made by the Harvard Business Review for your brain to have a break pedal of sorts.

You need to be aware of your choices, and either give into distractions or stay focused on the task at hand.

Breathe deeply. And finally, choose what task you will put your 100% attention towards.

2. Set Intentions / Goals

Before starting a task, it is best to set an intention to eliminate getting caught in moments of distraction.

Make two lists: What is the most important for today, and what information do you have the likelihood of missing?

Focus on the most important task at hand and follow up with positive intentions.

3. Use Technology to Retaliate

Research has found that alerts and notifications send a message to our brains that something else is a top-priority, when in reality it’s not.

Filter your e-mail; automate your news and use simple free tools to help manage your social media presence.

4. Lessen Negative Emotions

Psychologists recommend a 3:1 balance of positive and negative emotions for optimal focus.

Negative emotions are regarded as threats by our brain, and prevent our ability to do cognitive work.

5. Build Space

According to an article published in the Harvard Business Review, recent studies indicate that mediating for just a few minutes a day, spending just one hour a week in nature or writing down in a journal in the evening has a distinct impact on our well-being.

Having a little “me” time is not being selfish. Rather, you are improving your focus.

6.The 20-20-20-20 rule

Staring for long periods at your screen can make your eyes bloodshot and tired. Eye doctors suggest  to know the 20-20-20-20 rule in your mind. Keep at least 20 inches form your screen, take a 20-second break for every 20 minutes to look at something at least 20 feet away to prevent eye strain.

Being consistent in anything we do can help us to focus on the task at hand.

It can be hard if you are trying it out for the first few days, but as the time goes by it will become second nature.

By having these brain hacks at hand, you can reduce your distractions and stay more organised and productive.

Train your brain to regain focus, achieving more and transform the to the best version of yourself.

Now you are ready to focus on anything that you need or want to accomplish. Gaining the upper hand in your work productivity is better assisted with a of pair of glasses that can help you better focus at the task in front of you.

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