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Poker & Sunglasses: A Love Story

Poker. One of the most gut-wrenching, heart pounding & thrilling social events which we can either participate in at the casino, or watch as the professionals go at it when the stakes are high. The origins of the game can be traced back to 1829. With an increase in popularity, a social phenomenon developed quickly in the wake of televised tournaments: the “affair” between poker players and sunglasses.

Wearing sunglasses at the poker table is considered to be an advantage for players, as the dark colour of the lenses can improve chances of hiding emotions or reactions.

Your opponents are unable to see if your eyes respond to the cards from the table. As a matter of fact, poker players wear sunglasses regardless of their attire. Sunglasses are an all-rounder in poker, and there are no fashion police on patrol if you want to go nuts and wear your sunnies indoors.


Some even take it as far as wearing medical masks or ski goggles table-side. If you’re willing to go to the extreme, give the stylish Oakley googles a try below. Available in a variety of trendy colours, you can be sure to keep your poker face in style.

If you have a casual $10,000 to spare in Las Vegas, why don’t you try and compete against the legends of the game at the World Series of Poker, commonly known as WSOP? Event champions such as Phil Hellmuth, Chris Ferguson, Chris Moneymaker and Greg Raymer are no strangers to taking advantage of dark lenses against opponents.

Aaron Paul


Despite his not-so-subtle expression, Aaron’s classic black shades are a stylish option to aid the game. Go for gold with the Carrera CARRERA 6000 (Camouflage) lenses below.

George Danzer


Professional poker players tend to respect the rules of fashion. Let’s take the example of George Danzer, a four-time winner of the prestigious WSOP bracelet.

His hairstyle & wardrobe choices remind us of the punk era. The sunglasses add a touch of retro flair. We can recommend a similar pair – the Julbo 010 Vermont Classic. Stylish and cool.


If you’re an undecided poker player and you’re a fan of the classic, a pair of Aviators will always represent your best friend.

It’s a common choice for most of the poker stars players, as the dark colour of the item will do the trick and hide your dilated pupils while you bluff brilliantly.

Whether you’re playing for fun, or really in it to win it, up your chances of success with a pair of lenses.

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