Trending in 2017: Knit Fashion

Did you know that a self-confident new participant entered the 2017 spring fashion platform? Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you, please,  the knitters. Don’t think it’s only your grandma who gets up and goes to bed with her needles: Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts and even Catherine Zeta-Jones swear: knitting is much more than a hobby.

So here are the best knitted pieces for this season!

Knit Robe

Look at this robe by Heidi Kirrmaier, isn’t it fabulous?

It’s everything a working woman needs: pretty lace details for an elegant look, a comfortable fit, and a long back to keep you warm. The fine knit detailing emphasizes femininity, yet this garment is as powerful as the woman who wears it.

Style with these old-school Hallmark specs in gold for chic simplicity.

Knit Jumper

Ease, comfort and a natural feel – these are the most tempting features of this airy and crisp lineup Hannah Fettig offers. It is metropolitan yet luxurious, casual and humble at the same time.

For the pleasure of the modern knitters, Hancock has knitted seamlessly from the top down using fingering weight yarn.

It’s a project for those who need some relaxing knitting, so you can let the monotonous rhythm of garter stitches float you into the state of zen.

To brighten up the look, try these red MaxMara Occhiali specs.


But if you desire to knit a project which makes you concentrate like hell to be able to forget all your struggles, headaches or distress, and still want to be fashionable, here’s a romantic cardigan by Drops Design that would make you submerge into the ocean of construction and design.

Fair isle knitting has been extremely fashionable for a few years by now and well, who could resist those cute flowers around the yoke?

The lace body makes the garment a perfect choice for spring days when all four seasons of the year say hello in the span of one day.

This light-weight lace cardigan is like a piece of jewelry; just like these Silver Lilac specs by Sophia Loren.


And if we are speaking about fair isle knitting, it would be a shame to miss a Kate Davies Design.

The Oa is simply a masterpiece – the hoodie makes this jumper modern and trendy, and the way this stranded knitting is built up is a deep bow to tradition.

Oa is named for the Islay peninsula with its spectacular cliffs and dramatic geology, knitted with 100% British wool. This is why the designs of Kate Davies are much more than fashionable – they contain culture.

This warm sweater wishes to go on long trips on the countryside, so don’t let it down. Pair with the Savannah’s Maroon on Transparent lenses for good company.


And finally: if you want to play and look playful, choose a vintage garment that has stories in the stitches.

Look at the Tinea by Rachel Brockman: a simple, cozy, open cardigan.

The robe-style drop sleeves are exceptionally trendy, and details of the yoke make the cardigan look sophisticated.

And don’t forget these colors: they make you feel full of life like a 16-year-old in those notorious 60s. Can you feel the music and the freedom in your veins?

A hint of nostalgia is never a sin. Go for the William Morris London specs to help you standout.

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